16 Mar 2021

Utah Company Stored Passport Scans on Unsecured Server

Security researcher Bob Diachenko discovered an unsecured server hosted by Utah-based company Premier Diagnostics on February 22, in which he found sensitive information pertaining to 50,000 customers. Diachenko currently works for consumer privacy watchdog Compairtech, which aims to promote data privacy through testing various services. Customer data located within the

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08 Mar 2021

Massive Supply-Chain Cyberattack Breaches Several Airlines

A communications and IT vendor for almost all of the world’s airlines, SITA, has been breached in a highly sophisticated attack that compromised passenger data stored on the company’s servers. The airline service provider stored information regarding frequent flyer data across many different characters. The affected servers are in Atlanta

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02 Mar 2021

Passwords, Private Posts Exposed in Hack of Gab Social Network

Gab, a social networking platform that caters to conservatives, has been targeted by the Distributed Denial of Secrets group (DDoSecrets), which claims to have more than 70 gigabytes of data exfiltrated from the platform. DDoSecrets calls itself a transparency collective and has now allegedly hacked an organization that prides itself

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10 Feb 2021

177% increase: Hackers grabbed 21.3 million healthcare records in the second half of 2020

CI Security recently released a new report detailing how hackers are increasingly targeting the healthcare industry. According to CI, the number of healthcare data breaches skyrocketed in the second half of 2020, up 36% from the first sixth months of the year. More than 21 million records were breached in

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03 Feb 2021

Over Three Million US Drivers Exposed in Data Breach

US car company DriveSure has suffered from a data breach in which three million of its customers were exposed. A cybercriminal has posted the data to a dark web forum, according to Risk Based Security. On January 4, Risk-Based Security found that multiple databases were uploaded to a hacking forum.

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29 Jan 2021

US Breach Volumes Fell 19% in 2020 as Ransomware Surges

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), the number of publicly reported US data breaches and leaks in 2020 dropped roughly 19% from 2019, representing a shift from mass theft of customer data to more lucrative attack types like ransomware. The report combined data from government agencies, other non-profits,

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04 Nov 2020

34M Records from 17 Companies Up for Sale in Cybercrime Forum

A diverse group of companies has been entangled in a data trove consisting of user records. Cybersecurity researchers found 34 million user records for sale on an underground forum in which the cybercriminals running the market claim are from 17 different corporate data breaches. The data allegedly appeared last week

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02 Nov 2020

Marriott fined £18.4 million by UK watchdog over customer data breach

The Mariott hotel group has been fined £18.4 by the Information Commissioner’s Office years after a 2014 data breach that affected millions of customers as well as the Starwood resort chain. During the breach, cybercriminals accessed systems to deploy malware through a web shell, using remote access tools as well

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15 Oct 2020

Cybercriminals Steal Nearly 1TB of Data from Miami-Based International Tech Firm

A recent cyberattack targeting a Miami-based tech firm called Intcomex has been traced back to a Russian-language hacker forum. The ransomware attack exposed almost a terabyte of financial and personally identifiable information and documents, which were leaked on the Russian forum. The stolen information includes full credit-card information, scans of

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24 Sep 2020

Software vendor Tyler Technologies tells U.S. local government clients it was hacked

Tyler Technologies, a software vendor whose products are used by US states and local governments to conduct elections and share election data, announced on Wednesday that its internal systems had been compromised by an unknown third party. Tyler’s software and platforms are used by elections officials to display voting results,

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