28 Jun 2022

De-Centralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) For Cryptocurrency Alleged To Be A General Partnership In Sarcuni

A number of folks got together to create a business that would take advantage of a crypocurrency protocol known as bZx that was supposed to be super-duper secure, or, as they put it, no depositor of cryptocurrency should “ever worry about … getting hacked or [anyone] stealing [their] funds.” Of

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07 Jun 2022

Bipartisan crypto regulatory overhaul would treat most digital assets as commodities under CFTC oversight

Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Cynthia Lummis introduced the first major bipartisan legislation aimed at taming the “Wild West” crypto market on Tuesday that would classify digital assets as commodities like wheat or oil and empower the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to rein in the nascent industry. Gillibrand, a Democrat from New

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28 Feb 2022

The DAO is a major concept for 2022 and will disrupt many industries

The blockchain and cryptocurrency rave is not ending anytime soon. And as more people are being introduced to revolutionary technologies in the digital space, new improvements upon these technologies are also being introduced. In the last couple of years, the DeFi and NFT industries have experienced immense levels of growth

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25 Feb 2022

DAOs: Why are They Important to Web3?

Web3 is in the nascent stages but has seen strong interest from some of the world’s top investors like Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. Just look at the funding of Alchemy, which is building an AWS-style platform for Web3. In early February, the startup raised $200 million at a valuation

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17 Feb 2022

The Future of DeFi and Crypto Lending: BlockFi’s $100M Settlement with the SEC

An equal and opposite reaction to the recent onslaught of cybersecurity incidents directed at the Crypto and DeFi marketplace (itemized in our recently released Web3 Cyber Incident Database) are regulatory or market mechanisms designed to enhance the trust relationship between end-users, federal regulators, and the crypto platforms during this evolutionary phase of the Web3 innovation ecosystem. The recent SEC action against Crypto lender BlockFi has been heralded by many in the DeFi innovation community as a seminal moment for the cryptocurrency marketplace.

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06 Jan 2022

Context On The Nature of Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0? This post provides some background. Early signs are that Web 3..0 has the promise, the tools, the cultural and architectural elements to reverse some of the more negative impacts of Web 2.0 build.   We ask for your feedback and ideas.   

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05 Jan 2022

How to Invest in the Metaverse

In 1992, writer Neal Stephenson released his third novel titled “Snow Crash.” In it, Stephenson’s characters interact in a completely digital environment where appearances can be changed on a whim and digital real estate is just as valuable as its real-life counterpart. Stephenson called his digital environment, the Metaverse. Twenty-eight years

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04 Jan 2022

DAOs are the foundation of Web3, the creator economy and the future of work

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) started out as a simple concept envisioned as organizations, created by an idea and fueled by developers, that automate business functions and processes by leveraging smart contracts and all the fundamental tenets of blockchain. The core idea was to flatten the complex business process that various

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