19 Nov 2020

UN and Europol Warn of Growing AI Cyber-Threat

Europol and the UN have released an alarming new report detailing how cybercriminals use malicious targeting and abuse of artificial intelligence to conduct cyberattacks. The report predicts that AI will become increasingly popular among adversaries, who will utilize it both as an attack vector and surface. Threat actors are seeking

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06 Feb 2020

Why the Iranian cyberthreat has become ‘more dynamic’

A top military leader stated that since the US drone strike on Iran that killed Major General Qassem Soleimani in January, the cyber threat coming from Iran has been more dynamic. Gregg Kendrick, executive director of the Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command stated that the Iranian regime is likely planning

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05 Feb 2020

Why many security pros lack confidence in their implementation of Zero Trust

Zero Trust has been deemed a necessary security approach to combat cyber threats and is a system in which an organization or country trusts nobody and nothing internally and externally when granting access to data or assets. All types of access must be verified and authorized before gaining access to

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08 Mar 2013

Resilient Military Systems and the Advanced Cyber Threat

The United States cannot be confident that our critical Information Technology (IT) systems will work under attack from a sophisticated and well-resourced opponent utilizing cyber capabilities in combination with all of their military and intelligence capabilities (a “full spectrum” adversary). While this is also true for others (e.g. Allies, rivals,

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