13 Jul 2021

Don’t Rely on Tiered Rankings to Measure Cyber Power

Recently, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) published a report that assessed nation state cyber capabilities and national power.  The qualitative assessment covered and codified seven categories that contributed to building a nation state’s cyber program: strategy and doctrine; governance, command and control; core cyber intelligence capability; cyber empowerment and dependence; cyber security; global leadership in cyber affairs; and offensive cyber capability. The culmination of two-year’s worth of research, IISS conducted this broader study in order to provide a more comprehensive view and ultimately ranking what it considered the top 15 countries into three tiers based on its findings.

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10 Sep 2020

Chinese cyber power is neck-and-neck with US, Harvard research finds

Although the process of measuring cyber power is complex and multi-faceted, the US has typically ranked ahead of China, the UK, Iran, North Korea, and Russia in terms of its capabilities and strength in cyberspace. However, a newly released study from the Belfer Center at Harvard University has revealed that

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