31 Mar 2021

Ziggy Ransomware Gang Offers Refunds to Victims

The Ziggy ransomware group has joined Fonix, its counterpart, and shuts down, issuing apologies to targets. Ziggy announced in February that they were aiming to get out of the cybercrime business, likely due to the emotional toll and guilt of running a ransomware operation. Ziggy has also announced that they

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29 Mar 2021

US charges close to 500 individuals for COVID-19 fraud, criminal activity

The US Department of Justice has arrested almost 500 individuals for criminal activity relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many cybercriminals have been leveraging the pandemic to launch more convincing cyber campaigns such as phishing attacks, capitalizing on widespread public fear. The US government has observed campaigns pushing fraudulent Covid-19 ‘treatments,’

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05 Mar 2021

Cyberattackers Target Top Russian Cybercrime Forums

Secretive and elite Russian forums for cybercriminals have been hacked in a string of breaches. One platform targeted, Maza, is a forum that allows cybercriminals to connect and organize operations, sell tools such as malware, and other malicious activity. Maza was the latest victim of the operation, which has targeted

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09 Feb 2021

Europol Breaks $14m Card Fraud Ring

Europol claims to have dismantled an organized crime group that had swindled US banks out of $14.4 million. According to Europol, the organization launched a single-day operation in which Spanish National Police and the US Secret Service conducted 40 house searches, arrested 37 suspects, and seized 13 cars. The day

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09 Dec 2020

Hackers hide web skimmer inside a website’s CSS files

Cybercrime groups have been experimenting with hiding web skimmers inside various locations of an online store, and have recently been implanting the malicious code inside the CSS files of target sites. The web skimmers are also known as Magecart scripts and aim to steal credit card information. Cyberattackers also hide

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30 Nov 2020

Three Nigerians Arrested for Cybercrime Operation Targeting 150 Countries

In Lagos, Nigeria, three Nigerian nationals were arrested for their involvement in a widespread Business Email Compromise (BEC) campaign. The three men were also allegedly involved with a large organized crime group known as TMT, which is known to be involved in cybercrime such as phishing attacks, malware distribution, and

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16 Nov 2020

Scams Ramp Up Ahead of Black Friday Cybercriminal Craze

Cybercriminals are preparing for one of the largest hacking days in the US, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. The shopping holidays attract scammers and hackers due to their nature in pushing a high volume of traffic through eCommerce sites in preparation for the holiday season. Due to the pandemic, shoppers

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04 Nov 2020

34M Records from 17 Companies Up for Sale in Cybercrime Forum

A diverse group of companies has been entangled in a data trove consisting of user records. Cybersecurity researchers found 34 million user records for sale on an underground forum in which the cybercriminals running the market claim are from 17 different corporate data breaches. The data allegedly appeared last week

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15 Oct 2020

FIN11 Spun Out From TA505 Umbrella as Distinct Attack Group

Researchers have declared that FIN11 now represents a separate threat actor group and has split off from the cybercrime group known as TA505. Although there are similarities in the techniques and identifying tactics of the two groups, researchers have determined that they are two distinct and separate operating entities with

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15 Oct 2020

Cybercriminals Steal Nearly 1TB of Data from Miami-Based International Tech Firm

A recent cyberattack targeting a Miami-based tech firm called Intcomex has been traced back to a Russian-language hacker forum. The ransomware attack exposed almost a terabyte of financial and personally identifiable information and documents, which were leaked on the Russian forum. The stolen information includes full credit-card information, scans of

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