24 Oct 2022

European Police Warn of Metaverse Cyber-Threats

Europol has warned that Facebook’s Metaverse and similar immersive internet experiences could be a target for ransomware and cybersecurity crimes like identity theft, money laundering, and more. Europol released a report from the Innovation Lab that urges security authorities to begin thinking about the potential threats the metaverse could bring.

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12 Jul 2022

Cybersecurity Threats in Crypto Exchanges Everyone Should Know

Cybercriminals have begun coming up with ways to exploit the unexpected rise in value and importance of cryptocurrencies in their hunt for more profitable schemes. Malware that mines cryptocurrencies has become a popular way to earn money and is a viable alternative to ransomware. Cybercriminals have turned to utilize a variety

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29 Apr 2022

Responding to Risks From the Russia-Ukraine Wa

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, companies around the world are increasingly concerned with the growing threat of potential cyberattacks and retaliation. In recent weeks, Russian actors have launched an unprecedented number of cyberattacks to spread misinformation and disrupt and destroy critical infrastructure. Wiper malware hit a number of

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27 Apr 2022

Majority of banks paid ransom for cyberattacks last year

Cloud computing company VMware says its most recent report has found a drastic increase of destructive cyberattacks, with 74% of businesses interviewed experiencing one or more ransomware attacks in the last year. Its report, 2022 Modern Bank Heist, is an annual look into the experiences of top financial and security leaders

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18 Apr 2022

Surprising cybersecurity weak points business owners should look out for

Cybersecurity has taken on new levels of importance facing redoubled cyber attacks. The post-pandemic digital landscape is fraught with threats. In fact, these attacks peaked in December of 2021 with a slew of Log4j exploits. The popular Java-based logging utility is only one surprising cybersecurity weak point that business owners

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15 Apr 2022

North Korea Is Targeting Entire Crypto Space, Top VC Warns

Arthur Cheong has said that North Korea-linked hackers likely have the entire crypto space mapped out and scrutinized for potential vulnerabilities. DeFiance Capital founder Arthur Cheong has said that North Korea’s state-sponsored hackers have likely already penetrated all corners of the crypto industry and know precisely the kind of attacks

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15 Apr 2022

The metaverse is coming, but so are all these security problems

Big tech shows no desire to stop trying to make the metaverse happen, whether we want it or not. Whichever particular version will win out remains to be seen, and when (the arrival of virtual and augmented reality for the masses has been about five years away for about three

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14 Apr 2022

Explaining crypto’s billion-dollar bridge problem

On March 23rd, the Ronin blockchain network underlying the popular NFT-driven game Axie Infinity was hit with a hack that saw the attackers walk away with an eye-popping $625 million in cryptocurrency. The Ronin hack was the largest amount of money that had ever been stolen from the type of service

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13 Apr 2022

Capitalizing on a Crisis: What Global Events Mean for Cybersecurity

The advancement of Russian forces into neighboring Ukraine has been met with significant international condemnation. While stopping short of military intervention, many Western nations and corporations have responded by imposing extensive sanctions, cutting off the country and its citizens from assets, services and vital revenue streams. While the impact of these

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05 Apr 2022

How Ukraine has defended itself against cyberattacks – lessons for the US

In 2014, as Russia launched a proxy war in Eastern Ukraine and annexed Crimea, and in the years that followed, Russian hackers hammered Ukraine. The cyberattacks went so far as to knock out the power grid in parts of the country in 2015. Russian hackers stepped up their efforts against

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