20 Jun 2022

Opportunities for Advantage: Mobilizing Innovation through the DHS Science and Technology Directorate

This review of the Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology (S&T) Impact Series falls into two OODA Loop editorial and curation thematics:  Opportunities for Advantage and Innovation (Design Frameworks and Methodologies). Produced and archived over the course of 2021, the DHS S&T Impact series explores opportunities for advantage through an ongoing discussion within DHS on the definition of and framework for innovation within the agency (and private sector and interagency collaboration):   The DHS S&T Impact Series is a web and video series that “delves into the core homeland security mission areas and highlights how the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) is helping agents, officers, first responders and decision-makers with some of their toughest challenges.”

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23 May 2022

Agriculture and Cyber Risk are a New Driving Force and Critical Uncertainty

A new research vector has emerged in the last couple of months at the “praxis”  (or intersection) of agriculture and cyber risk based on the following nascent driving force and critical uncertainty:  Ukraine is a crucial breadbasket in the global food system. The war is impacting the entire agriculture supply chain and value chain in Ukraine and Russia.  Ukraine not only provides wheat and other grains to Europe but to parts of Asia and Africa.  Broad global food shortages are forecast – and may have a duration of years (not days, weeks, or months).

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25 Apr 2022

4 questions every CISO should be asking about the metaverse

The metaverse is coming — and it’ll be here sooner than you might think. Gartner forecasts that by 2026, a quarter of people will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse. This is great news for businesses, as it will unlock new business models and ways of

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13 Apr 2022

Just How Safe Is Your Crypto?

High-profile crypto hacks are on the rise. Last month saw the DEFI protocols Agave and Hundred Finance stung in an $11 million raid, just one of a slew of crypto hacks of a similar hue. So what’s the deal? Does crypto suffer from security issues? Who’s hacking what? And is there

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16 Feb 2022

SEC proposes cyber rules for investment funds and advisors.

A draft proposal at the SEC would required financial management firms to disclose cybersecurity breaches within 48 hours as the SEC looks to provide continuing guidance on how firms should ensure they are being cyber-diligent. In addition to the required breach disclosures, firms would be required to maintain incident response

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21 Jul 2020

Seeking Security Alpha

In cybersecurity, it has long been assumed that the attacker has the advantage and that defenders must deploy a disproportionate amount of resources (time, money, etc.) to even try and maintain some parity. In this piece, we’ve conducted interviews with two successful CISOs to provide insight into how they view security alpha issues. Mark Weatherford is a highly experienced and successful CISO who has worked in the public sector at both the state and federal level and also as a CISO for multi-billion dollar commercial organizations. Our Global FS CISO currently works as the Global CISO at one of the largest financial services firms in the world and has 25 years of experience working on cybersecurity and risk management issues.

Their responses provide direct insight into how they work to improve the ROI of their program and increase attacker cost.

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16 Mar 2020

Czech hospital hit by cyberattack while in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak

In Brno, Czech Republic, a major hospital has been hit by a mysterious cyberattack amidst a COVID-19 outbreak that is beginning to spread across the European country. The hospital, Brno University Hospital, stated that the incident postponed urgent surgical interventions. The cybersecurity incident also re-routed new acute patients to a

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13 Dec 2019

Targeted Attacks Deliver New “Anchor” Malware to High-Profile Companies

A campaign that started in October is being used to deliver financial malware against entities in the manufacturing and retail sectors. Researchers at the Cybereason Nocturnus group have been following the new campaign closely, determining that it commences with a phishing attack to deliver TrickBot and ultimately delivers a relatively

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02 Dec 2019

5G hackers: These six groups will try to break into the networks of tomorrow

European security agency Enisa has identified the groups it believes are the biggest threat to 5G networks. Enisa warns that threats to telecoms infrastructure will increase with the arrival of 5G and next-generation mobile connectivity. 5G will present a wide array of risks, from automated factories to connected cars, attracting

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26 Oct 2018

Abandoned Websites Haunt Fortune 500 Corporations

“Websites that never go away continue to bring security threats to their owners, says a new report. Old Web applications don’t go away — they linger and spread security vulnerabilities around their organizations. These ‘ghost sites’ are critical assets for criminals and weaknesses for enterprises, according to a new report

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