09 Aug 2022

Meta Takes Action Against Cyber Espionage Operations Targeting Facebook in South Asia

Meta has reportedly taken action against two cyber espionage operations located in South Asia and known as APT36 and Bitter APT. The company confirmed the actions in its latest quarterly threat report, published last Thursday. In the report, the risks identified by Meta across the world are discussed. Meta detailed

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02 Nov 2021

Machine Learning: How to use machine learning algorithms to supercharge your business

Machine Learning (ML) has become an important aspect of modern business and research since the term was first coined in 1952 by computer scientist Arthur Samuels. Based on Donald Hebb’s 1949 model of brain interaction, in the past 70 years the technology has gone from a computer beating a human

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16 Sep 2021

Clapper and Ashley on Joint Ops/Intel Operations, Decision-making, the History and Future of Intelligence and Cyber Threats

We started the OODAcast as a way of highlighting insights and lessons learned from leaders and decision-makers in the OODA Network. In the Spring of 2021, Bob Gourley had a conversation with General Jim Clapper and Lieutenant General Robert Ashley. Threads that emerge in these conversations include the nature and history of intelligence, the importance of Joint Ops/Intel operations, the future of intelligence, and specific characteristics of the cyber threat.

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21 Feb 2020

The US Blames Russia’s GRU for Sweeping Cyberattacks in Georgia

On Thursday, State Department officials released a statement alleging that the GRU, a Russiam military intelligence agency, was responsible for cyberattacks that targeted Georgia in October. The attacks took down or defaced thousands of websites and disrupted the broadcasts of two television stations. Administration officials stated that the US and

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11 Dec 2018

Russia Launched Cyber Attacks Against Ukraine Before Ship Seizures, Firm Says

“Russian government-affiliated actors launched coordinated cyber attacks against Ukrainian government and military targets before and during the attack and seizure of Ukrainian ships and sailors on November 25, a private intelligence firm announced this week. The attacks appeared to be aimed at stealing information that would have been relevant to planning

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11 Oct 2018

The problems transparency creates for cyber operations

The U.S. is working to build a cyber deterrence policy and philosophy that will build coalitions and clearly communicate, through both word and deed, that cyber attacks against the U.S. and its allies will lead to severe consequences. Transparency in these efforts, however, poses a singular difficulty. While joining with

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02 Oct 2018

LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media – An OODA Loop interview with P.W. Singer

An OODA Loop interview with author P.W. Singer on his new book about information operations on social networks.

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13 Aug 2018

How long is too long for a cyber operation? NSA has an idea

“Research conducted by the National Security Agency has found that after five hours of cyber operations, performance drops and frustration begins to increase among staffers. Those longer missions caused roughly 10 percent more fatigue and frustration compared to operations that lasted less than five hours, Celeste Paul, a senior researcher

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03 Jul 2018

DoD still learning how to supply intel for cyber ops

While Cyber has been a recognized warfare domain for almost ten years, the U.S. is still working to improve information sharing relationships between traditional intelligence entities and cyber operations groups. The problem has been named an “item of special interest” for the DoD and efforts are currently under way to

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09 May 2018

Who’s Who in Russian Cyber Espionage Operations

The following overview of Russian espionage operations was extracted from the excellent Report on Russian Security Issues, released by the country of Estonia. As a discipline, cyber espionage in Russia is quite old. The KGB had top-level technical capabilities for spying on the West. Signals intelligence of the time encompassed

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