12 Jun 2019

Radiohead Defies Hackers, Releases Trove of Stolen Music

English rock band Radiohead was recently targeted by cyber extortionists who had stolen 18 hours of private recordings from the group’s 1997 album “OK Computer” after breaking into a digital archive belonging to frontman Thom Yorke. The hackers threatened to release the music unless the band paid a ransom of

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21 Mar 2019

Latest tactics used by cybercriminals to bypass traditional email security

New research by Barracuda sheds light on the evolving strategies used by cybercriminals in email-based spear-phishing attacks. The report distinguishes between three types of spear phishing: brand impersonation attacks, business email compromise (BEC) and extortion. Brand impersonation is the most popular strategy by far, accounting for 83% of attacks. Extortion

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22 Feb 2019

Criminal groups promising salaries averaging $360,000 per year to accomplices

Researchers with Digital Shadows estimate that cyber extortionists are ready to pay yearly salaries averaging $360,000 per year to aspiring crooks that can assist them in extorting high-value targets such as business executives, lawyers and medical experts. Accomplices with special IT related skills such as coding, network administration and penetration

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