16 Jan 2019

U.S. Spies to Americans: China and Russia Are Coming to Get You – Featuring insights from OODA’s Bob Gourley

Kimberly Dozier of the The Daily Beast has spoken to various U.S. counterintelligence specialists about the very real threat that foreign hackers pose to U.S. organizations. Bob Gourley of OODA was among the experts she consulted. In the article, Bob Gourley explains that for over 20 years, the U.S. government

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10 Jan 2019

Iran-Linked DNS Hijacking Attacks Target Organizations Worldwide

FireEye has discovered a global DNS hijacking campaign targeting governments and businesses, including companies vital to telecommunications and Internet infrastructure. The cybersecurity firm says it has found evidence indicating that the attacks may be carried out by hackers working for the Iranian government. The attackers attempt to gain access to targeted networks

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08 Jan 2019

National security center launches program to help US firms guard against foreign hackers

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) has launched an initiative to assist U.S. businesses in protecting themselves against foreign nation-state hackers. As part of the program, the NCSC is providing companies with information on how to defend against various cyber attacks, including supply chain attacks, spear-phishing and cyber espionage.

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17 Dec 2018

Chinese hackers ‘steal missile plans’ from US Navy contractors

“Classified military information including missile plans have been stolen from contractors working for the US Navy by hackers linked to China, according to reports. Contractors working for the US Navy have reportedly suffered a series of breaches in the past 18 months. Richard Spencer, the secretary of the US Navy,

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02 Jul 2018

Researchers publish security flaws in LTE (4G)

A research team published three separate vulnerabilities in the mobile communication standard LTE (4G). Two of the attacks allow an attacker to view LTE traffic and user details, while the third enables an attacker to manipulate data traveling to users’ devices. The report also indicated that these hacks do not

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04 May 2018

U.S. Executives Warned of China Hacking Threat Following Trump Tariffs

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