10 Sep 2020

Chinese cyber power is neck-and-neck with US, Harvard research finds

Although the process of measuring cyber power is complex and multi-faceted, the US has typically ranked ahead of China, the UK, Iran, North Korea, and Russia in terms of its capabilities and strength in cyberspace. However, a newly released study from the Belfer Center at Harvard University has revealed that

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13 Dec 2018

How DHS is Trying to Separate Quality Cyber Tools from Snake Oil

How do you compare and test the efficacy of cybersecurity products and companies when the information is proprietary? In many situations, you cannot. The research division of DHS is currently trying to understand how comparisons could be possible that are based on rational actor notions. With cybersecurity companies selling their

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26 Oct 2018

It’s Time to Organize Volunteer Hackers in Civilian Cyber Corps, Think Tank Says

A recent proposal from the New America think tank recommends the creation of a “Civilian Cyber Corps” organized along the lines of the Civil Air Patrol and volunteer firefighters. Like these two groups, the corps would be made up of unpaid volunteers and the estimate for building a corps across

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04 Oct 2018

US to offer cyberwar capabilities to NATO allies

Following the US’s move towards a more proactive cyber posture, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is expected to announce that the US will deploy their cybercapabilities, upon request, on behalf of its NATO allies. A principal deputy assistant defense secretary shared that the US will not, however, give up sole

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