14 Dec 2018

Hackers are making their attacks look like they came from the Chinese government

“Hackers are increasingly using false flag operations that wrongly point the blame toward China for some cyberattacks, threat intelligence experts said. Because Chinese hackers often rely on publicly available tools for their operations, it is easy to mimic their signature viruses, Brandon Helms, the chief operations officers at Rendition Infosecurity,

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11 Dec 2018

Russia Launched Cyber Attacks Against Ukraine Before Ship Seizures, Firm Says

“Russian government-affiliated actors launched coordinated cyber attacks against Ukrainian government and military targets before and during the attack and seizure of Ukrainian ships and sailors on November 25, a private intelligence firm announced this week. The attacks appeared to be aimed at stealing information that would have been relevant to planning

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30 Oct 2018

FBI to private industry: Attribution won’t deter North Korean hacking

Hackers for the North Korean government will not be stopped by achieving attribution of their cyberattacks, the FBI’s cyber devision declared in an industry advisory report. North Korean targeting of US companies “will continue unabated, regardless of the U.S. government public attribution,” simply because the regime does not appear to

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