17 Sep 2018

Companies Wary of Cyberattacks, Phishing During Hurricanes

Disruptions caused by natural disasters make organizations more vulnerable to cyberattacks, a reality that has many companies scrambling to ensure asset security as Hurricane Florence forces them to move computers, switch to backup networking equipment, and other non-routine practices that provide would-be hackers weak points to target. Experts point out

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12 Sep 2018

How Hackers Slipped by British Airways’ Data Defenses

Researchers have published details on the recent British Airways hack, connecting it to a criminal network active since 2015. The group is otherwise known for taking advantage of websites that have failed to secure payment data entry forms and skimming data submissions. The British Airways attack, however, seemed to be

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29 Aug 2018

Why reversible cyberattacks could become standard in digital warfare

“The damage that most military weapons do is irreversible. When a gun fires and a bullet strikes a target, it’s impossible to bring a life back from the dead. But experts say that cyber weapons, which are reversible, can be even more effective precisely because their consequences can be mitigated.

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17 Aug 2018

Trump, Seeking to Relax Rules on U.S. Cyberattacks, Reverses Obama Directive

President Trump has reversed rules governing the protocols for U.S. cyberattacks. The move gives the Pentagon greater freedom to deploy advanced cyber operations without approval from the State Department and the intelligence community. Previous regulations required multi-agency approval for cyber operations. Rescinding the Obama-era regulation places cyberattacks on the same

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16 Aug 2018

India’s Cosmos Bank loses $13.5 mln in cyber attack

Cyber thieves stole $13.5 million by using malware to withdraw cash in 14,849 transactions in 28 countries, all within 2 hours. The malware attack redirected payments to a proxy switching system responsible for processing payment requests. This proxy approved the fraudulent requests. Police are pursuing the matter, but with little

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13 Aug 2018

Fax Machines Are Still Everywhere, and Wildly Insecure

“It’s tempting think of fax machines as a relic, every bit as relevant as an eight-track tape. But fields like health care and government still rely on faxes every day. Even your all-in-one printer probably has a fax component. And new research shows that vulnerabilities in that very old tech

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08 Aug 2018

Why small cyberattacks on power systems more likely than a long-running blackout

“Attacks on American power systems are likely to be small and localized, according to a cybersecurity firm, casting doubt on the ability of a foreign power to take down broad swaths of U.S. electric systems at once. Given current technology it is not reasonable to expect an enemy to shut

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03 Aug 2018

Government workers in Alaskan town switch to typewriters after cyber-attack

A small Alaskan borough has switched to typewriters while their computer systems are rebuilt following a ransomware attack that disabled nearly all of its 500 computers and 120 servers. The ransomware also extended to some of the department’s back-up data. The borough is not paying the ransom, and the “encrypted

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24 Jul 2018

Chinese Hackers Targeted Internet-of-Things During Trump-Putin Summit

Chinese hackers launched a series of attacks against internet-connected devices in Finland in the days leading up to Trump and Putin’s meeting in the city. The attacks targeted devices that could provide access to audio or visual information. The attacks represented a 2,800% increase above normal rates for Finland.  Source:

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23 Jul 2018

Singapore suffers ‘most serious’ data breach, affecting 1.5M healthcare patients including Prime Minister

The personal details of 1.5 million who visited Singapore’s largest group of healthcare institutions were compromised, including those of its current Prime Minister, as part of a “deliberate, targeted, well-planned” cyber attack. Medical records of some 160,000 patients were also compromised. The government has assured patients that records have not

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