21 Sep 2021

Smart Voting App, Removed by U.S. Tech Giants, Threatens Putin’s United Russia Party in Recent Duma Election

This most recent Russian election provides clear evidence that the Russian Government is meddling as much in their own elections, to achieve the Kremlin-designed outcome, as they have in recent American elections  – with one RFE/RL headline proclaiming:  “Hacking Servers. Online Blocking. Police Raids. Information Attacks. What Won’t The Kremlin Do To Stop ‘Smart Voting’?”

This election is also seen by many Russians as a precursor to the 2024 Presidential election.  In 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s super-majority United Russia ruling party amended the Russian Constitution, allowing Putin to seek two more terms as president and potentially remain in office until 2036.

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08 Sep 2021

TeamTNT hacking group strikes thousands of victims worldwide

TeamTNT hacking group has increased its abilities by adding a set of tools that allow it to target multiple operating systems. AT&T researchers released a report detailing the new campaign, called Chimaera, which is believed to have begun earlier this summer. The operation is based on command-and-control server logs and

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17 Aug 2021

Brazilian National Treasury hit with ransomware attack

Last Friday, the Brazilian government was allegedly a victim of a ransomware attack that targeted its National Treasury. A statement was released by the Ministry of Economy detailing initial measures that were taken to contain the impact of the cyberattack. The preliminary assessments of the attack have confirmed that there

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11 Aug 2021

UPMC to Pay $2.65M to Settle Data Breach Case

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has reached judicial approval on a multi-million-dollar settlement concerning a data breach that occurred almost seven years ago. The settlement consists of UpMC paying a total of $2.65 million to employees whose personal data was stolen by former Federal Emergency Management Agency IT specialist

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19 Jul 2021

Windows 0-Days Used Against Dissidents in Israeli Broker’s Spyware

According to new reports, a unique set of spyware strains created by an Israeli firm used by governments across the world to conduct surveillance on dissidents has been defanged by Microsoft. The company is called Candiru or Sourgum and specializes in the sale of the DevilsTongue surveillance malware. The malware

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15 Jul 2021

SonicWall Warns of Imminent Ransomware Attacks Targeting Firmware Flaw

SonicWall, a network appliance vendor, has issued an urgent security notice informing its customers of a serious threat. The threat consists of data-encrypting ransomware attacks targeting known firmware vulnerabilities. SonicWall previously released patches for the targeted flaws, however, it is now urging its customers to implement the fixes immediately to

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07 Jul 2021

SideCopy cybercriminals use new custom Trojans in attacks against India’s military

Researchers at Cisco Talos recently published a report detailing the activity of the advanced persistent threat group known as SideCopy, which has recently been targeting India with new Trojans. The threat group has been active since 2019 and focuses on valuable assets when choosing its targets. SideCopy has previously targeted

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01 Jul 2021

Microsoft reveals authentication failures, system hijack vulnerabilities in Netgear routers

On June 30, Microsoft revealed a series of vulnerabilities in Netgear routers that could potentially lead to data leaks and full system compromise. The vulnerabilities were patched prior to public disclosure due to their nature. The series of bugs impact DGN-2200v1 series routers and could be exploited by an attacker

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23 Jun 2021

Nearly 10% of SMB Defense Contractors Show Evidence of Compromise

According to a new report released by Cybersecurity vendor BlueVoyant, more than half of SMB contractors in the US defense supply chain are critically vulnerable to ransomware attacks. BlueVoyant analyzed a sample of 300 smaller contractors from a defense industrial base estimated to have roughly 100,000-300,000 suppliers. The investigation showed

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22 Jun 2021

Bugs in NVIDIA’s Jetson Chipset Opens Door to DoS Attacks, Data Theft

NVIDIA has patched nine high severity bugs found in its Jetson SoC framework pertaining to the way the program handles low-level cryptographic algorithms. The flaws allegedly impact millions of IoT devices utilizing the Jetson chips. This leaves the devices vulnerable to a variety of attacks, including denial-of-service (DoS) and data

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