18 Jun 2021

A Billion CVS Records Exposed

More than one billion records pertaining to customers at CVS have been exposed due to a misconfiguration error on the service’s cloud database. The database was left unprotected, without a password required to access the sensitive data. The leak was discovered by researcher Jeremiah Fowler, who determined the size of

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17 Jan 2020

OODA Special Report: Digital Transformation in the Health Care Sector

This OODA special report focuses on the Health Care Sector. It is written both for firms that are in the sector who are seeking competitive advantage and for firms in other sectors that can use this awareness for strategic planning (all our market based special reports are available on our OODA network resources page).

With the rise of Covid-19 (see OODA Special Report:COVID-19 Sense-making) and the global response to the pandemic we see even more reason to believe that the next decade may well be the decade of biological sciences, and the health care sector will see accelerated transformation. Every business leader, no matter what sector they operate in, should have an understanding of key drivers in this market.

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