28 Sep 2022

Cryptominers hijack $53 worth of system resources to earn $1

Security researchers estimate that the financial impact of cryptominers infecting cloud servers costs victims about $53 for every $1 worth of cryptocurrency threat actors mine on hijacked devices. This activity is generally attributed to certain financially motivated hacking groups, most notably TeamTNT, that perform large-scale attacks against vulnerable Docker Hubs,

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14 Sep 2022

A Post-exploitation Look at Coinminers Abusing WebLogic Vulnerabilities

We have recently observed malicious actors exploiting both recently disclosed and older Oracle WebLogic Server vulnerabilities to deliver cryptocurrency-mining malware. Oracle WebLogic Server is typically used for developing and deploying high-traffic enterprise applications on cloud environments and engineered and conventional systems. One of the older vulnerabilities that is still being

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30 Dec 2021

Cryptomining Attack Exploits Docker API Misconfiguration Since 2019

A campaign dubbed “Autom” that exploits misconfigured Docker APIs to gain network entry and construct backdoors on compromised hosts has been discovered by cybersecurity researchers. The campaign ultimately seeks to mine cryptocurrency on compromised devices. The cryptomining campaign has been active since 2019, however, it has gone unnoticed by cybersecurity

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16 Nov 2021

Cybercriminals Target Alibaba Cloud for Cryptomining, Malware

According to Trend Micro researchers, threat groups have been disabling features in Alibaba Cloud ECS to plant malware and perform crypto mining or jacking. Cybercriminals are allegedly targeting Alibaba Elastic Computing Search instances and disabling certain security features that prevent them from achieving their goals when it comes to cryptomining.

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14 Oct 2021

FreakOut Botnet Turns DVRs Into Monero Cryptominers

According to Juniper Threat Labs, the new Necro Python exploits targets’ Visual Tool DVRs used in surveillance systems. The Necro botnet was developed by the threat group FreakOut and has reportedly learned a new trick that consists of infecting the Visual Tool DVRs with a Monero crypto miner. In late

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09 Jul 2021

Android app users targeted with cryptomining scams

More than 170 Android apps, including 25 from Google Play were caught trying to scam people by offering cryptomining services for a fee but failing to return anything. Security firm Lookout said these apps did not get caught for scamming people because they didn’t do anything malicious but acted as

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07 Jul 2021

Cloud Cryptomining Swindle in Google Play Rakes in Cash

According to Lookout, at least 25 different apps available in the Google Play store have lured thousands of victims into downloading malicious applications that promise to help users gain cash through crypto mining. The Android apps are estimated to have scammed more than 93,400 victims to date, totaling roughly $350,000

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15 Apr 2019

The correlation between DDoS attacks and cryptomining

A new NSFOCUS report indicates that the declining price of cryptocurrencies in 2018 prompted threat actors to stop using botnet resources  for cryptomining attacks – as these were getting less and less profitable – and increasingly use them to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks instead. Despite this, the number of

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11 Apr 2019

Finance Remains Most Attacked Sector Globally Six of the Past Seven Years

A new NTT security report shows that 17% of all cyberattacks in the past year targeted the financial sector. The technology sector also accounted for 17% of attacks in 2018, but finance has been the most targeted industry for 6 of the last 7 years. Other highly targeted industries were

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10 Apr 2019

China, a Major Bitcoin Source, Considers Moving Against It

China may eliminate its subsidized cryptomining industry in the near future. Cryptomining involves the use of the processing power of machines in order to solve complex math problems, by which cryptocurrencies are generated. The Chinese regime initially believed that investing in cryptomining could be beneficial to its economy, and therefore

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