16 Apr 2019

Bad security hygiene still a major risk for enterprise IT networks

A new report[pdf] by Ixia analyses the 2018 cyber threat landscape. According to the report the 5 main security issues last year were: Most product vulnerabilities were the result of software design flaws including well-documented and easily avoidable issues like SQL injection and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities The human factor is

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15 Apr 2019

The correlation between DDoS attacks and cryptomining

A new NSFOCUS report indicates that the declining price of cryptocurrencies in 2018 prompted threat actors to stop using botnet resources  for cryptomining attacks – as these were getting less and less profitable – and increasingly use them to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks instead. Despite this, the number of

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11 Apr 2019

Finance Remains Most Attacked Sector Globally Six of the Past Seven Years

A new NTT security report shows that 17% of all cyberattacks in the past year targeted the financial sector. The technology sector also accounted for 17% of attacks in 2018, but finance has been the most targeted industry for 6 of the last 7 years. Other highly targeted industries were

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10 Apr 2019

Coinhive stops digging, but cryptomining still dominates

A new Check Point report shows that despite the recent shutdown of Coinhive, a cryptomining software developed for legitimate purposes but frequently used for nefarious purposes by criminals, cryptominers are still among the most common malware targeting organizations across the globe. A cryptominer is malware that hijacks the processing power

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03 Apr 2019

Cryptojacking Still a Foreign Concept for Many Security Pros

Even though cryptojacking, i.e. the illegitimate use of a system’s resourcing powers for mining cryptocurrency, is a serious threat to organizations, a new survey by Exabeam found that a majority (57%) of infosec professionals don’t even know what it is. In addition, 65% of respondents were not familiar with shadow

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12 Mar 2019

Cryptominers Remain Top Threat but Coinhive’s Exit Could Change That

A new report by Check Point shows that cryptominers, i.e. malware that hijacks the processing power of infected systems in order to mine cryptocurrency, remained the dominant malware threat in February. As was true throughout 2018, the number one threat was Coinhive, a cryptomining software developed for legitimate purposes but

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05 Mar 2019

Microsoft Sees 250% Phishing Increase, Malware Decline by 34%

The 24th volume of Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report shows that phishing surged in 2018. The detected 250% increase in phishing attacks last year confirms similar findings of other recent studies. The research also confirmed that threat actors are moving away from ransomware and malicious software (malware) in general, as malware

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27 Feb 2019

Increasing security measures are driving cybercriminals to alter their techniques

The 2019 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index shows that cybercriminals are moving away from ransomware and malware in general because a growing awareness of these attacks among organizations, in combination with increased threat mitigation efforts, have made malware-based attacks less lucrative. Cryptojacking attacks, in which threat actors hijack the processing

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07 Feb 2019

Cryptojacking Overtakes Ransomware, Malware-as-a-Service on the Rise

According to new Check Point research, cryptojacking attacks, in which malware uses the processing resources of an infected system to mine cryptocurrency, impacted ten times more organizations in 2018 than ransomware did. The report also found that threat actors are becoming increasingly successful at staying under the radar, since a

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15 Jan 2019

Cryptocurrency mining malware is the number one malware menace – again

The latest edition of Check Point’s Most Wanted Malware list indicates that cryptojackers – malware that covertly mines cryptocurrency on infected devices – remain the most prevalent type of malware. The four highest entries are all cryptojackers, with Coinhive clinching the top spot once again. A notable newcomer on the

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