04 Oct 2022

Millions in Cryptocurrency Vanished as Agents Watched Helplessly

Gary Harmon grinned as he lounged in a bathtub full of dollar bills surrounded by scantily clad women. The moment, captured in a photo on his cellphone, could be part of his undoing. To US prosecutors, it’s evidence that he suddenly came into a lot of money. The prosecutors accuse

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30 Sep 2022

This New Malware Poses Threat to Crypto Wallets, Even Cold Ones

Cryptocurrency holders have been warned to be vigilant against a new malware spreading across the internet that is adept at stealing personal information. Dubbed “Erbium,” after the element, the malware steals personal information and data retained in browsers such as passwords, cookies, credit card information, and more. Reportedly, it has been able

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21 Sep 2022

Are noncustodial crypto wallets a practical option for the everyday hodler?

As crypto ownership becomes more and more common, holders will need to think about how they protect and hold their assets. The safest option is storing cryptocurrency in a personal wallet. Crypto wallets are programs that allow users to store, send and receive cryptocurrency. Each wallet has a private key that

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22 Aug 2022

How to protect your crypto hot wallets from hackers

No one likes to lose their hard-earned money from their cryptocurrency investments, however, some unforeseen events do manage to wipe out investors’ wealth from their trade wallets. One of the popular practices would be hackers luring investors into appealing offers on social media platforms making them look like clickbait in

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09 Aug 2022

How Secure Is the Ethereum Sitting in Your MetaMask Wallet?

It’s been an unrelenting week for MetaMask developers. Reacting to the news that $4.5 million worth of funds had been drained from thousands of software wallets on Solana, the team behind MetaMask far and away the most popular software wallet for Ethereum and Ethereum-compatible networks combed through the wallet’s codebase

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18 Jul 2022

MetaMask Co-Founders: ‘We Can’t Stop People From Making Ponzis on Blockchains’

Arguably no piece of software has been more central to the most recent crypto craze than MetaMask. With tens of millions of users, the digital wallet system has become the main access point to Ethereum, the blockchain that has given rise to stablecoins like Tether, play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity,

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24 Jun 2022

MetaMask Crypto-Wallet Theft Skates Past Microsoft 365 Security

Researchers have uncovered an email-based credential-phishing attack targeting users of MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The campaign is directed at Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office 365) users and has targeted multiple organizations across the financial industry. It starts with a socially engineered email that looks

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16 Jun 2022

Security Threat Exposed for Browser-based Crypto Wallets

A number of popular browser-based crypto wallets are vulnerable to hacking under certain conditions, according to new research. Blockchain security firm Halborn found several instances where wallets including Brave, MetaMask and Phantom can be compromised under specific computer conditions — adding yet another wrinkle to traders still reeling from recent high-profile

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