09 Jun 2022

Beware: The companies that hold your crypto aren’t insured the way banks are

The latest “crypto winter,” which sent the values of Bitcoin and other digital currencies plummeting, served as a healthy reminder that cryptocurrencies are highly risky investments. But that risk is by no means limited to price volatility. Should the company holding your crypto assets declare bankruptcy or otherwise be unable to

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26 May 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Insurance

Cryptocurrency is the most exciting and unpredictable financial frontier in today’s world. The opportunities for crypto-based businesses are enormous, but so are the attendant risks. Protecting you from these downfalls is what crypto insurance is all about. Although it will safeguard your business from cybercriminals, it will also give your

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09 May 2022

Question of centralization faces growing crypto insurance industry

Cryptocurrency markets have been maturing over the last few years, making demand for crypto insurance solutions larger as more advanced players dip their toes into the nascent ecosystem. Investopedia reports that cryptocurrency insurance is seen as a “big opportunity,” with a spokesman from one of the world’s largest insurers, Allianz, saying

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