09 Aug 2022

Email marketing firm hacked to steal crypto-focused mailing lists

Email marketing firm Klaviyo disclosed a data breach after threat actors gained access to internal systems and downloaded marketing lists for cryptocurrency-related customers. Klaviyo says the breach occurred on August 3rd after hackers stole an employee’s login credentials in a phishing attack. These login credentials were then used to access the

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08 Aug 2022

Hodlnaut Becomes Latest Crypto Lender to Halt Withdrawals

Those thinking that the recent turmoil in the cryptocurrency market has abated may need to reassess. Singapore-based crypto lender Hodlnaut became the latest in a string of digital-assets firms to halt withdrawals. The company said Monday that the decision was due to “recent market conditions,” and that it was focusing on

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04 Aug 2022

Is Solana Initiating Recovery Plan After Major Hack?

The global digital asset industry woke to another hacking incident in just two days. This time Solana (SOL) network came on the radar of the hackers. SOL prices have dropped by over 5% since the news broke out. As per reports, around $8 million have been removed from more than 7500

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03 Aug 2022

Will DeFi mark the beginning of the end of centralised finance, or mark its value?

Defy. To openly resist. DeFi. The contraction commonly used for decentralised finance. The buzzword used to describe the financial ecosystem getting plenty of mainstream traction sounds similar to the verb used to describe a refusal to obey. And from the outset, DeFi has been all about a defiance of the established hierarchy

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03 Aug 2022

Ongoing solana attack targets thousands of crypto wallets, costing users more than $5 million so far

Nearly 8,000 digital wallets have been drained of just over $5.2 million in digital coins including solana’s sol token and USD Coin (USDC), according to blockchain analytics firm Elliptic. The Twitter account Solana Status confirmed the attack, noting that as of Wednesday morning, approximately 7,767 wallets have been affected by

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01 Aug 2022

The IRS Is Working On A New Tax Form To Capture Your Crypto Activity

The Infrastructure Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 2021 brought cryptocurrency exchanges under the controversial “broker” definition and subjected them to the IRS information reporting regime. As a result, starting January 1, cryptocurrency exchanges will be required to report their customers’ annual cryptocurrency gains and losses to the Internal

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21 Jul 2022

Cryptocurrency regulation is changing. Here’s what you need to know

Recent regulatory advances, including the release of the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) provisional agreement in the EU and the release of the Framework for International Engagement on Digital Assets in the US, signal a desire to provide regulatory clarity in this space. In the future, the adoption of cryptocurrencies and

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18 Jul 2022

Crypto Tokens: Does Security Selection Matter?

A falling stock market is not bad for everyone. Sure, many investors lose out as their portfolios decline in value, but those who are just starting to invest or have underweighted equities can benefit from lower valuations, which tend to deliver higher returns over the long term. Naturally, equity markets do

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15 Jul 2022

The toughest challenges for cryptocurrency lie ahead, not in the rear-view mirror

With more than $1 trillion in cryptocurrency value wiped out since the 2021 high-water mark, many investors may be tempted to enter the cryptocurrency orbit at a potentially attractive, lower price point. After all, previous dramatic drawdowns in cryptocurrency valuations have been followed by explosive growth — and all this

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14 Jul 2022

What is a crypto airdrop and how does it work?

For most crypto investors, there is nothing more important than making a return on their investment. Thanks to the volatility, this can be done quickly or it can be a hugely difficult task. That’s why crypto airdrops are an inexpensive way to make additional returns on your portfolio. After all,

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