01 Feb 2021

Croatia police ‘blocked’ MEPs investigating treatment of refugees

Four Italian politicians have accused Croatian police of attempting to stop them from accessing an area on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The attempt came amid concerns of the refugee treatment in the region. The politicians were Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from Italy’s Democratic Party. They were

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08 Jul 2019

Croatian government targeted by mysterious hackers

Threat actors targeted Croatian government employees with spear phishing emails containing malicious links between February and April of this year. The campaign was probably orchestrated by a foreign government and likely resulted in the computers of various targets getting compromised. The spear phishing emails urged recipients to download a Microsoft

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13 Dec 2018

U.S. Diplomat To Press European, Balkan Allies On ‘Russia’s Aggression’

“A senior U.S. diplomat is traveling to Central Europe and the Western Balkans to shore up support against what the State Department calls ‘Russia’s aggression on the region.’ In Bratislava, Sullivan will ‘urge senior Slovak officials to use their upcoming chairpersonship of the OSCE to strengthen the organization’s response to

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27 Nov 2018

Croatian Police Arrest Weapon Smugglers Importing American Weapons Purchased Online

A five-person Croatian gang is being charged with weapons smuggling after the group was discovered to be shipping large quantities of weapons parts ordered online from the USA to be assembled and sold on the black market in Croatia. The criminal ring relied on a local customs official who helped

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