18 Mar 2020

Managing through the COVID-19 Crisis – An Interactive Discussion

Join OODA CEO Matt Devost and CTO Bob Gourley on 19 March 2020 at 2pm Eastern for an interactive discussion on managing through the COVID-19 Crisis. This online zoom based discussion is for OODA members as well as any who registered for our OODAcon Future Proof. If you did not

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16 Mar 2020

Covid19 Related Geopolitical Questions To Drive Your Strategic Planning

Over the next three months the Covid19 virus may cause dramatic changes on the international scene that will impact decision-making in government and industry. We have no special insights into what they could be, but through thirty years of close observations of national security topics we can say this, we should be prepared for surprises. The impact of surprises can be mitigated by collecting information, and that collection can be optimized by starting with good questions.

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12 Mar 2020

The Impact Of Coronavirus on your Markets and Business Strategy

It should go without saying that the number one goal of all of us in this pandemic is preservation of life. There are steps we should all be taking right now to protect ourselves, our families and our communities. We also need to be planning on how to protect our way of life. This special report provides context which can be used by leaders in any industry to better prepare your organization to survive and thrive and accelerate success post-pandemic.

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