15 Sep 2021

Tokyo Olympics Didn’t Worsen Covid-19 Spread, Data Suggest

Initial investigations into the Tokyo Olympics have shown that the games did not exacerbate the Covid-19 outbreak in Japan. Japan held the summer competitions from July 23 to August 8 despite concerns over the spread of Covid-19 among 50,000 athletes, officials, and other overseas individuals. The visitors arrived in July,

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10 Sep 2021

Cuba begins vaccinating children as young as two for Covid-19

In a bid to get children back into classrooms, the Cuban government has begun vaccinating children as young as 2 years old for COVID-19. Cuba is believed to be the first to give young children the vaccine, but many countries say they will eventually vaccinate children. Cuban, homegrown vaccines were

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09 Sep 2021

Tanzania secures nearly $600M from IMF for COVID relief

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agreed to provide Tanzania with $567 million in emergency support to help the country finance a Covid-19 vaccination campaign and deal with the health and social costs of the pandemic. The IMF board approved the disbursement on Tuesday under its Rapid Credit Facility and

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03 Sep 2021

South Africa will no longer send J&J vaccines to Europe, AU envoy says

An arrangement in which South Africa would ship Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccines to Europe has been suspended according to the African Union Special Envoy for Covid-19 response. The suspension is in part due to interventions by the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen,

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02 Sep 2021

North Korea Rejects Covid-19 Vaccine Doses

North Korea has decided not to accept roughly three million doses of Covid-19 vaccines developed by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech Ltd. The country stated that the doses should be sent to countries that have been hit harder by the pandemic. The shots were offered over the past few weeks

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01 Sep 2021

Japan finds black particles in Moderna vaccine

Just a week after Japan suspended the use of roughly 1.63 million Moderna Covid-19 vaccine doses due to contamination, another batch has been put on hold after a foreign substance was found in a vial. The foreign substance was detected by a pharmacist in the Kanagawa Prefecture, according to authorities.

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31 Aug 2021

Covid-19 Delta Variant Pummels China’s Services Sector

China’s services sector has taken an unexpected hit in August due to a wave of coronavirus infections sparking new lockdowns across the country. This resulted in an official gauge of nonmanufacturing activity falling into contractionary territory for the first time since China’s recovery from the first wave of the pandemic

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27 Aug 2021

India hits a milestone, giving vaccine shots to more than half of the eligible population.

After initially struggling to roll out enough doses, India has given at least one Covid-19 vaccine shot to over half of the eligible population. The health ministry in India said it was ramping up its vaccination drive and working with regional governments to increase the rate of vaccination and prevent

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25 Aug 2021

US Intelligence Report ‘Inconclusive’ on Coronavirus Origins

US media reports have confirmed that an intelligence report requested by President Biden into the origins of the pandemic has not yielded any significant results. The report, which was inconclusive, sought to determine whether the virus was the result of natural spread from animal to human or if it was

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20 Aug 2021

COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Data Exposed, Fake Vax Cards Circulate

Earlier this week, the Indiana Department of Health issued a notice explaining that the state’s Covid-19 contact tracing system had been compromised. The breach occurred due to a cloud misconfiguration and revealed the names, emails, gender, ethnicity, race, and dates of birth of more than 750,000 users. The incident occurred

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