11 Sep 2021

Decision-Making Inside the CIA Counterterrorism Center Before, During and After 9/11

We started the OODAcast as a way of highlighting insights and lessons learned from leaders and decision-makers in the OODA Network including former intelligence community leaders and operators. Themes emerge throughout these interviews on topics such as how clearly the intelligence community warned of the pending attacks, the early preparedness of a response by the intelligence community, the role the agency played in the success of the early stages of the campaign in Afghanistan, leadership in a crisis, empowering your team and finding the right people to execute on a plan, clear decision-making while operating in a low information environment, situational awareness and the qualities and best practices of a true leader.  In this second part of the series, we draw on perspectives from former CIA Counterterrorism Center (CTC) Director Cofer Black and former CIA CTC Director of Operations Ric Prado.

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09 Nov 2018

Russia says it thwarted drone attacks at World Cup

Russian authorities have announced hat they “took measures to detect and foil attempts by terrorists to use drones during the preparation and hosting of various major political and sports events, most of all during the soccer World Cup.” The officials have not provided details regarding the identify of the alleged

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08 Nov 2018

Right-wing extremism increasing in the Netherlands, counter terror unit says

“There has been a rise in right wing extremism in Western Europe as a whole but the situation in the Netherlands is not yet as serious as in the early 1990s, the Dutch counter terrorism unit NCTV says in a new report. In the early 1990s, ethnic minorities, Jews, gay

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25 Oct 2018

Pakistan, Russia Begin Joint Anti-Terror Military Drills

As the US seeks to change Pakistani behavior concerning political behaviors and terrorism through various coercive methods, Russia is threatening to step in and fill the gap. The two countries have begun their third annual joint military drills that started in 2016, and the US’s discontinuation of military exchange programs

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24 Oct 2018

Tanzania Arrests 104 for Plotting ‘Radical Camps’ in Mozambique

Highlighting the recent growth of Islamic extremism in the area, Tanzania has arrested 104 suspected militants for plans to establish a training base in Mozambique near the countries’ borders. Since October 2017, 40 attacks have been recorded in one Mozambique province, near where one of the largest untapped natural gas

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12 Oct 2018

Burkina Faso attacks open new front in France’s anti-terror fight

“An alarming increase in deadly jihadist attacks has led to expanded French military action in Burkina Faso, a marked shift after years of reticence by the west African nation to call in help from its former colonial master. Until now France’s 4,500-member Barkhane anti-terror force in West and Central Africa

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12 Sep 2018

Counterterror Costs Since 911: $2.8 Trillion and Climbing

The U.S. has spent nearly $3 trillion dollars in the war on terror, according to a Stimson Center study. The figure includes homeland security expenditures, international programs, and the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, but excludes 2018. Counterterrorism spending has accounted for between 22% (2008) and 14% (2017) of

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26 Jul 2018

US announces release of $195M in suspended military aid to Egypt

The U.S. announced the release of $195 million in military aid to Egypt after having withheld it in 2017 due to ongoing human rights violations. The U.S. expressed continued concern, but said that Egypt has taken sufficient responses to specific U.S. concerns to permit the release of military aid. The

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09 Jun 2018

Uncovering Trump’s drone war policy

“Over three administrations and 16 years, there has been nothing as iconic in the United States’ forever war on terror as the matchstick-with-wings silhouette of the modern drone. Understanding the drone program has never been easy; the covert nature of some of the program, as well as a strong executive

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