22 Feb 2019

The cybersecurity legislation agenda: 5 areas to watch

The growing cyber threat to organizations, government agencies and society at large, has made cybersecurity one of the main priorities of the 116th US Congress. During the first weeks of the new congress, 30 pieces of cybersecurity legislation have been introduced in the House of Representatives, while the Senate was introduced to

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15 Nov 2018

New House Armed Services Committee Chairman aims to scrap Trump’s nuclear weapons policy

The new Democrat Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee has announced hopes of changing the Trump Administration’s nuclear weapons policies, specifically a rewriting of the Nuclear Posture Review, the continuation of multilateral nuclear pacts, and the clear commitment to a no-first-use policy. While the additional seats in the House

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13 Nov 2018

A New Congress Brings New Tech Priorities and Increased Oversight

The new Democratic majority in Congress will likely have an impact on the continued development of cyber and tech policy. Areas that will likely see increased attention include privacy, oversight, and the new vacancy for the top Democrat place in the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee. Regarding privacy, the topic may

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24 Oct 2018

The military could see big spending changes if Democrats win control of Congress

“In July, as lawmakers were putting the final touches on a $716 billion defense authorization bill for fiscal 2019, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus unveiled their own plans to severely slash Pentagon spending. The plan called for reductions in the base Pentagon budget, eliminating overseas contingency spending and ‘achieving

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02 Aug 2018

Congress finalizes $717 billion defense budget authorization months ahead of schedule

America’s annual defense authorization bill was passed on Wednesday, marking the earliest the spending measure has been passed in 41 years. The bill raises military pay by 2.6%, increases personnel numbers by 15,600, and increases both aircraft and ship purchases beyond levels requested by the White House. The legislation also

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26 Jul 2018

Congress wants DoD to hold a national cyber response exercise

Although it has not included a deadline, Congress has proposed high-level exercise led by the DoD in cooperation with the DHS and FBI to prepare civilian agencies to respond to attacks on critical infrastructure. Responding to lawmakers’ claims that the DoD has not adequately prepared, DOD’s CYBERCOM has emphasized that

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