27 Apr 2021

Israel accused of apartheid by Human Rights Watch

Israel has been accused of committing crimes of apartheid and persecution against Palestinians in a new report released Tuesday by Human Rights Watch, an international human rights organization. The report stated that the term apartheid should be taken as a warning of what might happen if current trajectories in regard

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26 Apr 2021

Chance of China, Taiwan conflict should not be discounted – Australian defence minister

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton gave a speech on Sunday, addressing the delicate nature of relations between Taiwan, its allies, and China. Dutton stated that the chance of a conflict involving China over Taiwan should not be overlooked, furthering that Australia plans to work with its allies within the region

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22 Apr 2021

Syrian air-defence missile lands near Israeli nuclear site

A Syrian anti-aircraft missile has allegedly landed just 20 miles from a secret Israeli nuclear site located in southern Israel. According to the Israeli military, the missile was one of several that were fired towards an Israeli aircraft. Warning sirens allegedly went off at the facility before a large explosion

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21 Apr 2021

Putin Warns Against Crossing Russia’s ‘Red Line’ Amid Military Buildup Near Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin stated on Wednesday that Moscow will not tolerate any foreign threats amid concerns over a huge Russian military buildup at the border with Ukraine. The buildup has prompted fears of an invasion as the country elevates its capabilities at military bases, seemingly priming for military conflict. The

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20 Apr 2021

Chad’s President Idriss Déby dies after ‘clashes with rebels’

Over the weekend, Chad’s President Idriss Déby dies after sustaining injuries during clashes with rebels in the north of the country. The announcement comes just a day after provisional election results projected his win, which would mark his sixth term in office. The government and parliament have been dissolved as

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15 Apr 2021

UN rights chief fears Myanmar heading to ‘full blown conflict’ with echoes of Syria

In a statement made on Tuesday, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights has warned that Myanmar is dangerously close to reaching a full-blown conflict with echoes of the Syrian civil war that began in 2011 and devastated the nation. The high commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, stated that the international

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13 Apr 2021

Ukraine’s President heads to the trenches as Russia masses its troops

Ukraine’s president joined its military force recently to observe the years-long conflict between Ukraine and Russia in action. More than 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died already this year as part of the conflict. Russian troops have been amassing on their side of the border, prompting the US and its NATO

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08 Apr 2021

Armed Conflict Draws Closer as State-Backed Cyber-Attacks Intensify

A new HP report details how the world is coming increasingly close to armed conflict sparked by cyberattacks. The study was compiled by University of Surrey senior lecturer in criminology, Mike McGuire. The study claims that there has been a 100% increase in significant state-backed attacks between 2017 and 2020.

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16 Mar 2021

Myanmar military extends martial law after bloodiest day since coup

Myanmar’s military has enacted martial law across more districts around the country and extended them in others following more bloody protests over the weekend. 50 protestors died in Myanmar when troops opened fire on demonstrations Sunday in Yangon. Protestors are currently demanding the release of ousted civilian leader Aung San

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25 Feb 2021

India and Pakistan Agree to Cease-Fire Along Their Disputed Border in Kashmir

Pakistan and India have agreed to a cease-fire along their disputed border, which is regarded as one of the most dangerous frontiers in the world. The two countries released a joint statement on Thursday confirming the agreement. The border, which is referred to as the Line of Control, is a

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