09 Feb 2022

Easy-to-use DeFi protocols will become the new gatekeepers to crypto

It has arguably never been easier to participate in the crypto ecosystem. After centralized exchange powerhouse Coinbase recently began allowing its users to deposit part of their fiat paychecks into the exchange in the form of crypto, more people are beginning to realize the potential of the industry and participate

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28 Jan 2022

Is a Crypto Winter Coming? 3 Things to Consider

Crypto winter is a term that’s making the rounds again as the global crypto market has shed $1.2 trillion in the last three months. Commonly associated with the bitcoin market downturn between late 2017 and late 2018, crypto winter refers to a prolonged bearish period where asset prices persistently fall

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27 Jan 2022

How to Build a Better Metaverse

The Metaverse, you may have heard, is the next big thing: ever-present social cyberspace in which people—or their digital avatars—will work, hang out, and shop. As it happens, this was also the next big thing in 2003. That’s when Philip Rosedale and his then-company Linden Lab launched Second Life, an immersive

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19 Jan 2022

Web 3.0 and the undeliverable promise of decentralization

The definition of “Web 3.0” has assumed different incarnations over the past few years, depending on whom you asked and when. We initially thought it would have been some kind of semantic web, with shared ontologies and taxonomies that described all the domains relevant to the published content. The Internet,

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11 Jan 2022

The Metaverse Explained: What Is It And How Do I Invest In It?

The word “Meta” for many of us over the age of 40 first became recognized with the announcement of Facebook changing their name to Meta. Many thought it was to escape the bad publicity it was receiving at the time. That might be true from a timing aspect, however, the

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10 Jan 2022

The metaverse: What is it, will it work, and does anyone want it?

Hiro protagonist doesn’t see much promise for his future. Stuck in a dead-end job in a world where traditional money has been supplanted by encrypted alternatives and a few big companies shape things to their own ends, he struggles to make ends meet following a global economic collapse. To escape,

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04 Jan 2022

The metaverse isn’t what you think it is, because we don’t know what it is

Anyone who tells you what the metaverse will be is either guessing or kidding themselves. “The topic lately fills me with frustration,” says CNET’s Scott Stein, our resident expert on virtual worlds. “It’s not just about VR and AR headsets.” The metaverse will be much more nuanced than the technical

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21 Dec 2021

Why The Metaverse Is Marketing’s Next Big Thing

One of the biggest new platforms for marketing became very clear during the pandemic: metaverse marketing. For those not familiar with the actual term, metaverse is defined as an immersive, digital environment populated by virtual avatars representing actual people. Still not clear what it means? Think of the hit video

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08 Dec 2021

Why we need a new agency to regulate advanced artificial intelligence: Lessons on AI control from the Facebook Files

With the development of ever more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems, some of the world’s leading scientists, AI engineers, and business people have expressed concerns that humanity may lose control over its creations, giving rise to what has come to be called the AI Control Problem. The underlying premise is

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