19 May 2022

Will a Proof-of-Stake Ethereum Lead to More Centralization?

When Ethereum eventually shifts from its current proof-of-work method to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, it will rely on validators rather than on miners to validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. In order to run a validator and earn staking rewards, participants must stake 32 ETH, which is worth roughly

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18 May 2022

5 Years That Altered the Ransomware Landscape

The ransomware landscape has evolved considerably since WannaCry dramatically drove home the potential severity of the threat five years ago on May 12. What has changed somewhat less over the same period is enterprise preparedness in the face of ransomware attacks. Ransomware emerged and has remained entrenched as one of the

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16 May 2022

Time’s Up: Cryptocurrency Has Become a National Security Issue

Rather than issuing largely symbolic sanctions on North Korea whenever there is a major Pyongyang-affiliated hack, U.S officials should focus their efforts on regulating the entire cryptocurrency industry. Last month, the FBI announced that North Korean hackers had stolen more than $600 million in cryptocurrency from an online gaming company,

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12 May 2022

Weak links in finance and supply chains are easily weaponized

When Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, nobody expected that the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and other nations would isolate Russia from the global economy in retaliation. Instead of limited and largely symbolic sanctions, which were all Russia faced when it annexed Crimea and

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09 May 2022

How Big Is Crypto Crime, Really?

The European Union is in late-stage talks over how to implement new rules intended to curb dodgy behavior that uses virtual assets – but estimates of the share of crypto payments linked to financial crime vary wildly from 0.15% to a whopping 46% of transaction volumes. There’s clearly a lot

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29 Apr 2022

Responding to Risks From the Russia-Ukraine Wa

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, companies around the world are increasingly concerned with the growing threat of potential cyberattacks and retaliation. In recent weeks, Russian actors have launched an unprecedented number of cyberattacks to spread misinformation and disrupt and destroy critical infrastructure. Wiper malware hit a number of

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28 Apr 2022

Cryptocurrency heists are getting more ambitious — and costlier to investors

While 2022 has been a typically roller-coaster year for cryptocurrency buyers, it’s shaping up to be exceptional for one group of virtual money enthusiasts: thieves. Criminals have already stolen more than $1 billion in crypto this year. Attacks on Crypto.com in January, Wormhole in February and Ronin Network last month each

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26 Apr 2022

How North Korea’s crypto hackers are funding Kim’s missile habit

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un vowed last night to ramp up his country’s nuclear arsenal. Such weapons don’t come cheap, especially for a state targeted by stringent sanctions and with a stagnating economy. So where does the money actually come from? Kim Jong-un appears to be using cyberspace – and

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15 Apr 2022

The metaverse is coming, but so are all these security problems

Big tech shows no desire to stop trying to make the metaverse happen, whether we want it or not. Whichever particular version will win out remains to be seen, and when (the arrival of virtual and augmented reality for the masses has been about five years away for about three

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04 Apr 2022

Russia’s slow cyberwar in Ukraine begins to escalate, experts say

The war in Ukraine has come with an ever-present threat of cyber catastrophe, as experts and US military officials remain on high alert for potential hacks. And while the big one has yet to come, the battle online continues to escalate. UK intelligence officers warned on Thursday that Russia was increasingly

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