28 Dec 2018

Latin America grapples with migrant exodus that looks set to worsen in 2019

“About 3.3 million people have fled Venezuela since 2015 and the United Nations estimates about two million more, from a population of 32 million, could follow in 2019. Every day, about 5,000 Venezuelans leave home, according to the United Nations, in one of the biggest exodus of people in modern

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13 Dec 2018

Colombia’s Gulf Clan crime gang declares holiday ceasefire

Colombia’s largest criminal syndicate has declared a ceasefire for Christmas and New Year, encouraging other organizations to follow suit as well. “We declare a unilateral ceasefire of offensive military action nationally in all of the areas where we are present, between Dec. 8, 2018 and Jan. 10, 2019. We invite

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21 Nov 2018

U.S. Military Targets Growing Russian and Chinese Influence in Latin America

“U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein, returning from a trip to Colombia, said over the weekend that the Trump administration is making a push to strengthen alliances across Latin America as part of an effort to counter rising Chinese and Russian influence in the United States’ backyard.

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25 Sep 2018

Venezuela’s Maduro accuses Chile, Colombia, Mexico of helping drone attack

Having arrested at least one in connection with the failed suicide drone attack against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan government has accused the governments of Chile, Colombia and Mexico of supporting the attackers through their embassies, asserting what he claimed to be “convincing” evidence of Chilean, Colombian, and Mexican

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06 Aug 2018

Venezuela president Maduro says he’s been attacked by suicide drone, blames Colombia

Video footage appears to show an explosives-laden suicide drone detonating near the outdoor platform from where Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura was giving a speech. The President was unharmed, but a number of soldiers were injured. The President has since claimed that the attack was an assassination attempt by the Venezuelan

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23 Jul 2018

Colombia to salvage Spanish galleon while fighting over $4-$17 billion treasure in its hold

Today, Colombia is announcing companies eligible to recover the contents of a 310-year-old shipwreck with an estimated $4-$17 billion of gold, silver, and emeralds in its hold. Recovery of this wreck has been a many-year legal process with major fighting around who has the legal right to the treasure.  Source:

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18 Jul 2018

Peru declares state of emergency on Colombian border, arrests 50 in narcotics sting

Peru declared a state of emergency on Monday to reassert state control over the border area with Colombia. In the ensuing operations, Peru arrested over 50 people, most of them Colombian drug traffickers, in the region where Marxist FARC rebels that did not demobilize following the 2016 agreement are suspected

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17 Jul 2018

Colombia, U.S., Mexico, Panama cooperating to combat the Venezuelan government’s illicit financial networks

Isolated by sanctions over human rights violations, drug trafficking, and corruption, Venezuela has developed a web of illicit financial networks that have helped keep President Maduro’s government in power. Colombia, the US, Mexico, and Panama have recently begun coordinating efforts to combat these illicit networks. The Venezuelan government has also

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28 Jun 2018

Coca plant cultivation in Colombia tripled from 2013 to 2016, reversing a decades-long trend

A new UN report indicates that global cocaine production has reversed its long downwards trend since 2000, mostly due to increased government crackdowns. Recent methods of production, however, have enabled growers to skirt government efforts of decreasing production, and the amount produced has been rising since 2013. Colombia currently contributed

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18 Jun 2018

Anti-FARC peace deal candidate wins Colombian presidential election

Conservative candidate Ivan Duque won Colombia’s presidential election on Sunday, casting uncertainty on the future of the recent peace deal signed with the FARC rebel group in 2016. The deal was unpopular with many voters, who viewed it as too soft on former rebel leaders. The deal’s first draft lost

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