25 Aug 2021

FBI Issues Ransomware Group Flash Alert

The FBI recently released a flash warning due to the recent activities of an organized cyber-criminal gang referred to as the OnePercent Group. In the alert, which was published on Monday, the FBI stated that the group has been targeting US companies since November 2020. OnePercent uses the threat emulation

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09 Aug 2021

Angry Affiliate Leaks Conti Ransomware Gang Playbook

An affiliate of the Conti Ransomware gang has allegedly leaked several pieces of sensitive information regarding the threat actor, such as IP addresses for Cobalt Strike C2 servers, training materials, and numerous tools. Together, the information reveals how the group conducts its malicious attacks. The individual released the information after

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30 Jun 2021

Cobalt Strike Usage Explodes Among Cybercrooks

Cobalt strike usage among cybercriminals has increased by 161%, according to researchers at Proofpoint. Cobalt Strike is a legitimate, commercially available tool that is utilized by network penetration testers, however, it is abused by cybercriminals to conduct cyberattacks. Proofpoint tracked the year-over-year increase of the tool by analyzing the number

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