12 Nov 2021

COP26: Coal compromise as leaders near climate deal

After two weeks of talks, a draft agreement at the COP26 climate summit has softened commitments to ended coal and other fossil fuels. The language around the use of fossil fuels has been softened, however the inclusion of the section in the agreement would be a landmark moment. A deal

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29 Sep 2021

Power cuts hit homes in north-east China

In north-east China, residents are experiencing unannounced power cuts after an electricity shortage that initially impacted factories spreads to homes. Residents of Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang have complained about the lack of heating and elevators and traffic lights not working. Local media reported that the power outages were due to

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10 Feb 2021

China’s Coal War With Australia Fuels Shortage at Home

China’s ban on Australian coal imports has caused troubles at home as the Chinese coal market enters into a crisis of surging prices, supply shortages, and flawed policy goals. A cold winter threatens to push the countries’ issues into a deeper state as the two quarrels over a diplomatic brawl

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