21 Sep 2022

Critical Vulnerability in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Allowed Unauthorized Access

A new vulnerability has been disclosed in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. According to security researchers at Wiz, the flaw could allow unauthorized access to cloud storage volumes of all users. Therefore, the vulnerability violates cloud isolation. The security flaw has been dubbed AttachMe by researchers and was detailed in an

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20 May 2022

380K Kubernetes API Servers Exposed to Public Internet

According to the Shadowserver Foundation, who first discovered the security incident, more than 380,000 of 450,000 Kubernetes servers hosting the open-source container-orchestration engine for managing cloud deployments are vulnerable to third party access. The popular engine for managing cloud deployments is therefore an easy target, providing a broad attack surface

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20 Dec 2021

Oracle to buy medical records company Cerner in its biggest acquisition ever

Enterprise software giant Oracle will buy electronic medical records company Cerner in an all-cash deal for $95 per share, or approximately $28.3 billion in equity value. The deal, expected to close in calendar year 2022, could help Oracle boost its presence in health care by bringing troves of health data to

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08 Jun 2021

Websites rumble back to life after Fastly-linked outage

Thousands of websites across the globe were taken offline last night due to a widespread hour-long outage linked to a US-based cloud company named Fastly Inc. The outage affected high-traffic sites such as Reddit, Amazon, CNN, Paypal, Spotify, Al Jazeera Media Network, and the New York Times. The sites were

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14 Jan 2021

43% of financial services orgs plan to increase private cloud investments

Nutanix revealed the financial services industry findings of its report for organizations’ plans for adopting different types of clouds. The findings show a digital transformation with 50% of respondents stating that COVID-19 had caused them to increase their investment in the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud is the only IT

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03 Jun 2020

Half of US CISOs Have Suffered 10+ Cloud Breaches

According to new research conducted by Ermetic, a cloud security vendor, has concluded that almost 80% of US companies have suffered from at least one cloud security breach in the past year and a half. Misconfiguration remains the number one concern among CISOs, according to industry research. Ermetic commissioned the

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13 Nov 2019

Google’s plan to collect health data on millions of Americans faces federal inquiry

The US Department of Health and Human Services has recently launched an inquiry into “Project Nightingale;” a partnership between a Ascension, a Catholic healthcare non-profit, and Google. Ascension manages 2,600 healthcare centers across 20 states. The partnership allows 150 Google employees access to the healthcare data of millions of Ascension

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11 Nov 2019

Google’s cybersecurity project ‘Chronicle’ is in trouble

Chronicle initially began as an independent startup with separate policies until it formally joined Google in June of 2019, becoming part of its Cloud security. However, this merge may not have been entirely beneficial for the startup, as the future of Chronicle is currently unclear following employee claims that salaries

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30 May 2018

Crypto-Mining Malware Lurking in Amazon’s Cloud

“Hackers are increasingly hijacking computers to secretly mine crypto assets. Such exploits surged last year, according a survey by IBM Managed Security Services. One recently discovered malware program is hiding itself on Amazon’s cloud to steal processing power from a fleet of ordinary computers.” Source: New Crypto-Mining Malware Uses Amazon’s Cloud to Hijack

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