13 Jan 2023

The cloud: A cryptojacker’s playground

As cloud computing has become more pervasive, so have cryptomining attacks. The evolution of IT infrastructure has led to an increase in attack surface, creating the perfect environment for cryptojackers to strike. Cryptojackers can easily profit by distributing cryptominers through malicious images. Once a breach takes place, the cloud’s complex, ever-changing

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15 Dec 2022

Microsoft bans cryptocurrency mining on cloud services

Cloud computing giant Microsoft is taking measures to increase stability of its cloud services by forcing new restrictions for activities like cryptocurrency mining. Microsoft has quietly banned crypto mining from its online services in order to better protect its customers and clouds, British technology news agency The Register reported on Dec.

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12 Dec 2022

Linux Cryptocurrency Mining Attacks Enhanced via CHAOS RAT

We’ve previously written about cryptojacking scenarios involving Linux machines and specific cloud computing instances being targeted by threat actors active in this space such as TeamTNT. We found that the routines and chain of events were fairly similar even if it involved different threat actors: the initial phase saw attackers

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12 Oct 2022

Google’s Cloud Business Targets Web3 With Cryptocurrency Payments

Google-parent Alphabet’s cloud computing business will accept customer payments using cryptocurrencies starting in early 2023. Google stock edged down a fraction amid the news, which came Tuesday at the company’s annual cloud computing conference. The crypto payment platform involves a partnership with Coinbase. Crypto stocks have been under pressure. But

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02 Jun 2022

Cloud computing security: Five things you are probably doing wrong

Cloud applications and software have become a key part of everyday life for employees and businesses, but simple errors can make your cloud an easy target for hackers. The popularity of cloud applications and software has risen significantly in recent years. But while using cloud services can be beneficial for

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31 Jan 2022

Citrix to be acquired by Vista and Evergreen/Elliott in a $16.5B all-cash deal, will be merged with Tibco to create SaaS powerhouse

More consolidation is afoot in the world of IT to meet a new demand from enterprises for “one-stop shops” covering a wide range of needs in our hybrid world of work. Citrix, the long-in-the-tooth virtualization giant that had been making a slow transition into cloud computing, is being acquired by

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04 Jan 2022

Big US banks are slowly embracing cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP, after hesitating for years due to regulation, cyberattacks, and old infrastructure

Michael W. Lucas made big plans to take a trip around the world in March 2020. He arranged to travel from his home in Detroit to Tokyo, then attend conferences in Hong Kong and Bangalore, India, before making a final stop in Paris. But on his first attempt to buy plane

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16 Dec 2021

Cloud computing has won. But we still don’t know what that means

There’s little doubt that cloud computing is now the absolutely dominant force across enterprise computing. Most companies have switched from buying their own hardware and software to renting both from vendors who host their services in vast anonymous data centers around the globe. Tech analysts are predicting that the vast majority

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17 Nov 2021

Top 13 cloud management tools

Not too long ago, no one needed cloud management software. Web applications were small and functionally very basic. They could run on a few servers, as long as you didn’t fret when loads peaked and responsiveness dropped. Everyone involved with the apps could fit in a small conference room and

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06 Oct 2021

Blockchain — and the Cloud — Attack Trade Finance Pain Points

International trade finance, beset by the same “paper chase” that is a hallmark of B2B transactions, could use a digital facelift. After all, in activities that cross borders, time zones and currencies, transparency is lacking, it takes days to settle transactions and there are fees involved. When commerce becomes international in

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