17 Dec 2021

Humanitarian Intelligence and Early Warning for Protecting Climate Migrants

Climate change and the insecurity it stimulates have the potential to amplify existing conflicts, trigger conflicts over scarce resources, and trigger forced migration (refugees and internally displaced persons or IDPs) now and in the future. Climate conflicts converge with transnational criminal activity (cartels and gangs) and exacerbate violence against persons in fragile communities. These convergences have reduced the availability of areas that are safe for displaced persons, increased resource stresses, displaced additional populations, and made it harder for migrants to seek refuge in countries like the United States or nations in Europe. In this climate security context, what is intelligence and what is humanitarian intelligence?

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19 Nov 2021

Dubai ruler says UAE to host COP28 climate conference in 2023

The United Arab Emirates has been selected to host the COP28 international climate conference in 2023 according to the ruler of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum also serves as the prime minister of the UAE and vowed to make the conference a success and stated the UAE is committed

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12 Nov 2021

COP26: Coal compromise as leaders near climate deal

After two weeks of talks, a draft agreement at the COP26 climate summit has softened commitments to ended coal and other fossil fuels. The language around the use of fossil fuels has been softened, however the inclusion of the section in the agreement would be a landmark moment. A deal

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10 Nov 2021

NASA and High-Performance Computing Reveal Climate Impacts on Global Crops in the Next Ten Years

NASA scientists recently published a study exploring the climate impacts on global agriculture scenarios. According to the high greenhouse gas emissions scenario from the report, by 2030 climate change may have a quantifiable impact on the production of maize (corn) and wheat. Global agriculture is facing a new climate reality. And with the interconnectedness of the global food system, impacts in even one region’s breadbasket will be felt worldwide. The NASA scientists also highlight in the study that these projections and subsequent scenarios are based on a new generation of climate and crop models.

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14 Oct 2021

Governments’ Climate Pledges Not Enough to Meet Paris Agreement Targets, IEA Says

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world’s governments are not doing enough to prevent dangerous climate change despite pledges laid out by businesses and lawmakers over the past several months being put into action. On Wednesday, the IEA stated that rising temperatures will exceed the limit global leaders

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12 Oct 2021

Supply Chain Resiliency Critical to Exponential Quantum Computing Innovation and Climate Change Response

The recently released documentary – Quantum Technology: Our Sustainable Future – is arguably one of the best thirty minutes you will spend pondering the future of technology and the challenges of climate change at the same time.

We discovered the film while grappling with the idea of technological innovation grinding to a halt in the U.S. – over the course of the next decade – due to a prolonged, severe shortage in the availability of advanced semiconductors.

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22 Sep 2021

Disaster Response Applications: New Lessons From The Fall of Kabul and Severe Weather Events

We are entering an era when on-the-ground conditions and real-time disaster-level information flows grow in their value in the aftermath of more frequent and mounting disaster conditions.

Is there a wave of democratization of access to tools and/or product commercialization ahead in this space? For now, the following are some current signals and use cases from recent events.

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14 Sep 2021

World now sees twice as many days over 50C

According to a new analysis from BBC, the number of extremely hot days every year has doubled since the 1980s, likely due to climate change. The extreme temperature is also occurring in more areas of the world than before, presenting unprecedented challenges to human health and possibly contributing to the

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24 Aug 2021

Europe’s extreme rains made more likely by humans

The floods in Germany, Belgium, and other parts of Europe that killed at least 200 people were made more likely by climate change, according to scientists. Researchers say that global heating made rainfall events such as those in July up to nine times more likely in Western Europe. Further statistics

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17 Aug 2021

Thousands evacuated as blaze rages near French Riviera

Thousands of people were evacuated on Monday after a massive blaze broke out near the French Riveria. Firefighters are still working to contain the wildfire, which began in the Var region, located to the west of Saint-Tropez. The blaze has consumed more than 5,000 acres in just one day. According

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