25 Jun 2021

Linguist Jailed for Sharing US Defense Secrets

Mariam Taha Thompson, a linguist employed by the US Department of Defense, was charged with sharing classified national defense information in March 2020. She has been sent to prison for more than two decades for sharing the identities of American spies to a Lebanese national connected to Hizballah. The 62-year-old

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27 Jan 2021

W.V. Woman Gets 11 Years for Trying to Hawk NSA Docs to Russia, Kidnapping Daughter

Elizabeth Jo Shirley, a 47-year-old West Virginia resident has been sentenced to over 11 years in federal prison after she kidnapped her daughter, fled to Mexico, and attempted to sell classified NSA information stolen from her place of work to Russia. Shirley pleaded guilty to all charges, including unlawfully retaining

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05 Feb 2019

The Navy Needs 2 Tons of Storage Devices Burned to Ash

What do you do when you need to destroy massive of classified information stored on digital devices? If you are the U.S. Navy, you issue a solicitation for incineration services able to reduce 4,000 pounds of IT equipment “to ash.” The devices were housed by projects working on “land-based weapons

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