06 May 2022

HRW released a report stating Russian-linked forces ‘tortured’ and ‘executed’ civilians in Central African Republic since 2019

A Human Rights Watch report has been released that reveals Russian forces have executed, tortured and beaten civilians in the Central African Republic since 2019. The report was based off of interviews with 40 people including 15 witnesses and 10 victims of violence. The abuse was committed by Russian forces

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09 Mar 2022

Ukraine civilians flee towns near Kyiv after more Russian shelling

Towns near the Ukrainian capital are being fled after Russian shelling has continued. Civilian convoys are due to leave as Ukraine has agreed to a 12 hour ceasefire for six different routes in the war zone, allowing civilians to escape. 10 people died in Severodonetsk and five people died in

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07 Mar 2022

Syria: Two civilians killed in Israeli attack near Damascus

According to Syria’s state media, an Israeli missile attack killed two civilians and caused damage to the outside of the capital. The attack was carried out at approximately 5am on Monday and hit positions south of Damascus. The ari defense systems were able to intercept and down most of the

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31 Dec 2021

At least four anti-coup protesters shot dead in Sudan as security forces raid broadcasters

The civilian-allied Sundanese Central Doctors Committee said at least four people were shot dead by Sudanese security forces on Thursday. Security forces fired live bullets and tear gas into crowds in Omdurman during anti-coup demonstrations. A number of people were injured and admitted into hospitals.  The SCDC called all medical

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23 Jul 2021

Sixteen civilians killed in eastern DRC ambush

Attackers have killed at least 16 civilians in the easter Democratic Republic of the Congo on Thursday evening. The ambush occurred as the civilians were returning from a weekly market and were on a highway between the towns of Maimoya and Chani-chani. The attack occurred 25 miles from the city

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