14 Jul 2020

Iran executes man convicted of selling missile information to CIA

Iranian authorities claim that it has executed a former defense ministry employee who allegedly sold information to the US CIA. The man in question, Reza Asgari, was executed last week according to judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili. Esmaili stated that Asgari sold details on Iran’s missile program to the CIA after

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17 Jun 2020

CIA Report Slammed Agency’s Security as “Woefully Lax”

Democrat Senator Ron Wyden expressed his concern over the CIA’s lack of proper security practices after reading a 2017 report describing the agency’s cybersecurity as “woefully lax.” The internal report was written by the WikiLeaks Task Force after the Vault 7 disclosures occurred, which was the largest data loss at

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27 May 2020

OODAcast with Congressman Will Hurd on AI, 5G, Cybersecurity Risk and Geopolitical Risk

In this OODAcast, OODA LLC CEO Matt Devost interviews Congressman Will Hurd in a wide ranging discussion that touches on issues of geopolitical risk, cybersecurity, cyber risk and ways to help ensure our nation is prepared to compete and win in an age of rapid technological innovation. Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Communications (5G) and other mega-trends of technology are examined, as well as insights into leadership in the modern world.

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Intelligence Workstation of the Future
06 May 2020

The Intelligence Workstation of the Future

The Intelligence Workstation of the Future will empower analysts in new ways, combining the most modern analytical and visualization tools with enterprise security and governance technologies. This post explores this workstation, leading to actionable recommendations that organizations can put in place now to bring this concept to reality sooner vice later.

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22 Apr 2020

OODAcast – A Conversation with Former CIA CTO Bob Flores

OODA CTO Bob Gourley was joined by former CTO of the CIA Bob Flores in a discussion on the state of enterprise technology, resulting in this next in our series designed to provide actionable insights to leaders in business and government. Bob is a member of the OODA Network and was one of the scheduled speakers of our now postponed OODAcon “Future Proof”.

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05 Feb 2020

Iran Upholds Death Sentence for Alleged CIA Spy

Iran’s top court recently upheld a death sentence for an alleged US spy, an Iranian citizen who was accused of providing the US with details about the Iranian nuclear program. Iran contests that Amir Rahimpour, the individual in question, received payments for spying for the US’s primary international intelligence agency,

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31 Oct 2019

CIA-trained Afghan forces ‘committed war crimes,’ report

A new report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) accuses US-backed Afghan forces trained by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of carrying out “summary executions and other grave abuses without accountability.” The study is based on testimonies of local residents, who said that the forces conducted unlawful night raids based

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01 Oct 2019

Iran sentences suspect to death for spying for CIA

Iranian Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili on Tuesday announced that the body had handed out various harsh sentences to four alleged spies. Three of the accused are suspected of engaging in espionage on behalf of the CIA, while the other is accused of working for British Intelligence. One alleged CIA spy

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01 Oct 2019

OODA Network Interview: Gary Harrington

Gary Harrington’s career in special forces and the CIA could be the basis for  a very successful action movie.  For over thirty years, he directly planned or executed dozens of unconventional warfare operations on our Nation’s adversaries.

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19 Sep 2019

Russia carried out a ‘stunning’ breach of FBI communications system, escalating the spy game on US soil

In 2016, Russian officials managed to breach the FBI communications system in a way that seriously undermined the bureau’s ability to track Russian spies in the US and prompted the FBI and the CIA to break off communications with certain assets out of fear they could otherwise be compromised by

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