21 Sep 2022

Spell-Checking in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Browsers Leaks Passwords

Spell-check features in both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are reportedly responsible for leaking sensitive user information such as username, emails, and passwords to Google and Microsoft. Specifically, the data is harvested when consumers fill in forms on popular websites and cloud-based enterprise apps. The issue was identified by security

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29 Jul 2022

Google delays removal of third-party cookies in Chrome through 2024

Google has reportedly delayed its plans to rid Chrome of third-party cookies. The implementation was set to occur in the second half of 2024, according to a blog posted by Google on Wednesday. Google’s reasoning for the delay was that more testing was necessary to improve privacy while giving businesses

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08 Jul 2022

Google Patches Chrome Zero Day Under Attack

Google has announced that a new update to the Chrome browser fixed four vulnerabilities. The new version of Chrome will be rolled out to Windows users over the next several days to mitigate the flaws, particularly one zero-day that is being exploited by attackers. The high severity flaw is a

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01 Jun 2022

You Need to Update iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Zoom ASAP

Security researchers at WIRED have urged users to update iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Zoom as soon as possible to stay up to date with relevant security issues. According to Wired, Google has had a busy month releasing patches for the Chrome browser and the Android operating system. In addition, Zoom

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26 May 2022

Google Chrome 102 arrives with 32 security fixes, one critical

Google has released a new version of Chrome, Chrome 102, that contains 32 security fixes applying to Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. The vulnerabilities were allegedly reported to Google by external researchers and consist of one critical flaw, eight high severity, nine medium severity, and seven low severity. In addition

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15 Apr 2022

Emergency Security Update For 3.2 Billion Google Chrome Users

Google recently released three emergency security updates for the Chrome browser. The latest update patches a high-severity zero-day vulnerability that Google claims is already being exploited by attackers. Chrome’s 3.2 billion users are encouraged to implement the patch as soon as possible to mitigate the risk of attack. The third

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31 Mar 2022

Google Chrome Bug Actively Exploited as Zero-Day

Google has released an emergency patch for a security flaw found in the open-source V8 JavaScript engine that is being actively exploited in the wild. The vulnerability applies to Google’s Stable channel for the desktop version of Chrome. The bug is being tracked as CVE-2022-1096 and is a type-confusion issue.

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16 Feb 2022

CISA Urges Organizations to Patch Recent Chrome, Magento Zero-Days

The United States Critical Infrastructure Security Agency added nine new entries to the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, including two recently discovered zero-day exploits impacting Google Chrome browser, and Adobe Commerce and Magento.  The remainder of the catalog vulnerabilities were older, but with inclusion on the CISA list, federal agencies must

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14 Apr 2021

Google Patches More Under-Attack Chrome Zero-days

Google has moved to patch more Chrome zero-days that are actively under attack as it seems as though Google’s problems with in-the-wild Chrome zero-days are multiplying rapidly. The vulnerabilities patched affect Windows, macOS, and Linux users, pertaining to CVE-2021-21206 and CVE-2021-21220. Google did not provide any other details on the

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18 Dec 2020

3M Users Targeted by Malicious Facebook, Insta Browser Add-Ons

Avast Threat Intelligence has identified malware hidden in twenty-eight popular Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions. The extensions are all used for social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo. Security researchers advise users to uninstall the extensions, which boast 3 million downloads in total. The most popular extensions

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