26 Nov 2019

Scam Browser Notification Prompts Increased by 69% in 2019

In the first nine months of this year, the number of ad and scam browser notifications surged by 69%, a new report by Kaspersky shows. If users allow browser notifications for a certain website, these can be sent even when users are not visiting that website. Malicious websites increasingly try

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18 Nov 2019

Tianfu Cup Round-Up: Safari, Chrome, D-Link Routers and Office 365 Successfully Hacked

Chinese white-hat hacking competition, the Tianfu Cup, took place over the weekend as hackers used never-before-seen zero days to compromise popular software. The Tianfu Cup aims to identify vulnerabilities through competition between hacking groups and bears many similarities to the international hacking contest Pwn2Own. The Tianfu Cup was created exclusively

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03 Jan 2019

Chrome in Android Leaks Device Fingerprinting Info

“Attackers could craft a campaign that makes use of the device profile in order to exploit any vulnerabilities in a targeted fashion. Google has issued a partial fix for an Android issue dating back to 2015 – after originally rejecting the bug report on the grounds of the mobile OS

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