16 Feb 2022

Taiwan and Somaliland Build Closer Ties Amid Criticism from China

The National Interest reports that Taiwan and Somaliland, both de facto independent democratic states claimed by larger countries, are building closer ties: Essa Kayd Mohamoud, the foreign minister of the unrecognized state of Somaliland, accused the Chinese government of attempting to shape its foreign relations during a goodwill trip to

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15 Feb 2022

Will China Replicate Russia’s Cyber Offensives in a Taiwan Reunification?

The current situation in the Ukraine has garnered the world’s attention with stakeholders watching attentively as the crisis unfolds. Such regional hotspots have the potential of spilling over into neighboring countries and pulling in governments from all over the world in some capacity. The threat of armed conflict escalating into a major global engagement is always a possibility. China and Taiwan are eagerly watching the crisis as well, but largely for different reasons. While Taiwan is interested to see how friendly governments come to Ukraine’s aid, China is observing how Russia may go about reclaiming territory of the former Soviet Union, in the attempts of gaining insight into how such an act can be accomplished successfully, should Moscow do just that.

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11 Feb 2022

China halts Lithuania beef, dairy and beer imports amid Taiwan row

China is no longer purchasing beef, dairy products and beer from Lithuania due to the state’s ties with Taiwan. The General Administration of Customs suspended the exports due to a “lack of documentation” according to a Lithuanian agency. This suspension comes after Lithuania allowed Taiwan to open a de facto

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09 Feb 2022

China Suspected of News Corp Cyberespionage Attack

Last month, publishing giant News Corp suffered from a cyberattack in which attackers infiltrated the company’s network using BEC. Microsoft claims to have moved to stop such attacks by blocking VBA macros in 5 different Windows apps, however, the attack was still effective. In the latest update, cybersecurity professionals determined

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03 Feb 2022

Gray Rhino? China’s population growth rate falls to 61-year low

On Monday, the national bureau of statistics announced that China’s population growth rate has fallen to its lowest level in six decades, with births barely outnumbering deaths in 2021. Over the past year, there have been major government efforts to increase population growth and mitigate a demographic crisis, however, they

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31 Jan 2022

Foreign Journalists in China Say They Face Deepening Intimidation

Foreign news organizations and journalists in China are facing drastically reduced staffing levels due to the increased risks and intimidation employees are facing. According to a Beijing-based journalist group, foreign employees face harassment, threats of legal action, and intimidation commonly. Almost all of the foreign journalists located in China surveyed

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31 Jan 2022

US Revokes China Unicom’s License To Provide Telecom Services in America

The US government has stripped another Chinese telecoms company of its license to operate in the US due to national security reasoning. The Federal Communications Commission’s new order ends the ability of China Unicom Americas to provide telecoms services within the US. The move follows a March 2021 finding by

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25 Jan 2022

China Scrambles Fighter Jets Near Taiwan in Wake of U.S. Carrier Exercises

China has deployed several dozen military aircraft to sorties near Taiwan. This marks China’s largest such show of aerial force in months amid two US aircraft carrier strike groups concluding training exercises with Japan. The exercises ended over the weekend, and occurred near Japan. In total, China’s People’s Liberation Army

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18 Jan 2022

OODA Almanac 2022 – Exponential Disruption

Once again, we present to you the annual OODA Almanac which is intended to be a quirky forecasting of themes that the OODA Network think will be emergent in 2022. Our 2021 Almanac had some great frameworks for understanding the year ahead with lots of compelling insights. The theme for this year is surviving and thriving in an age of exponential disruption. It seems that everything is getting disrupted; national security, economic security, technology, culture and media. New ideas are old and old ideas are new. Here’s our take for 2022.

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13 Jan 2022

The Tianfu Cup, iOS PoC Exploits and the Future of Global Hacker Competitions

A Chinese Team (Katzebin) won the Def Con 29 CTF competition.  It was the second year in a row that a Chinese team had won the competition. Considering the recent Communist Party of China (CPC) restrictions on hacker participation in CTF events outside of the CPC, how were the Chinese team participating in a 2021 CTF in Vegas? Recently, we returned to researching this question. In so doing, it converged with Apple, Inc., The iPhone IOS, the privacy wars between Google and Apple, CPC surveillance technologies, The NSO Group, and the Chinese suppression of the Uighurs in Xinjiang, a northwestern province of China.

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