04 Aug 2022

69% of Stolen Tokens in 2022 was From Cross-Chain Bridge

According to a study released on August 2 by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, there have been 13 separate token bridge violations (Crypto Hacks) this year, the most recent being the $190 million Nomad Bridge hack. According to their calculations, 13 different hacks have resulted in the Cross-chain bridge attacks accounting

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04 Jul 2022

Crypto hacks are declining in numbers but increasing in damage

Cryptocurrency hacks have been significantly decreasing in numbers since the beginning of the year. According to the latest research from BestBrokers, the industry saw 64 security breaches by mid-June — a sharp decline from last year’s 251 hacks. However, while the number of successful hacks has been decreasing, the damage they’ve

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23 Jun 2022

Chainalysis introduces the Crypto Incident Response programme

Chainalysis has launched Crypto Incident Response, a rapid response service for organisations that have been targeted by a cyber-attack or unauthorised network intrusion that involves a cryptocurrency theft or demand. The growth in the legitimate use of cryptocurrency is far outpacing the growth of criminal usage, with transactions involving illicit addresses

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19 May 2022

New Chainalysis tool tracks stolen crypto across multiple chains

Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis has released a new tool to track transactions across decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and multiple blockchains. Chainalysis launched a beta version of its Storyline software on Wednesday. Touted as a “Web3-native blockchain analysis tool,” Storyline aims to track and visualize smart contract transactions with a focus on

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14 Feb 2022

Three-Quarters of Ransomware Payments Linked to Russia

Chainalysis has released a new report regarding blockchain investigations, finding that roughly three-quarters of ransomware revenue resulted from attacks associated with Russia in 2021. Chainalysis researchers determined that more than $400 million in cryptocurrency went to ransomware strains determined to be highly linked to Russia in some way. The connections

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04 Feb 2021

Blockchain transactions confirm murky and interconnected ransomware scene

Chainalysis, a blockchain investigations firm, published a new report today that confirms cybercrime groups who perpetrate ransomware attacks are interconnected. According to Chainalysis’s findings, the threat actor groups often switch ransomware supplies, RaaS services, seeking better profits and therefore connecting APT groups in a web of cybercrime. The firm investigated

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