03 Feb 2022

Gray Rhino? China’s population growth rate falls to 61-year low

On Monday, the national bureau of statistics announced that China’s population growth rate has fallen to its lowest level in six decades, with births barely outnumbering deaths in 2021. Over the past year, there have been major government efforts to increase population growth and mitigate a demographic crisis, however, they

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27 Sep 2021

More than 130,000 malicious IP addresses were blocked during Census 2021

According to Amazon Web Services, more than 13,000 malicious IP addresses were blocked during a successful Census 2021. The IP addresses were blocked to ensure that no breaches or interruptions were experienced during the Census. AWS stated that the company undertook extensive DDoS tests before the operation to ensure that

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19 Aug 2021

US Census Bureau Slammed for 2020 Breach

The US Census Bureau has been heavily criticized by a government inspector for a 2020 breach in which the entity failed to implement a patch for a critical vulnerability. The attacker was not able to access the servers used for the 2020 census, however, they were able to modify user

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27 Aug 2019

Huawei in talks to install Russian operating system on tablets for country’s population census: sources

Chinese tech giant Huawei is discussing the installation of Russian operating system Aurora on 360,000 Huawei tablets as a “pilot project,” according a Reuters report. Earlier this year the United States government extended its ban on Huawei products to the private sector over security concerns. As a result, Google indicated

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