06 Feb 2019

Experts: Capturing Cartel Leaders Increases Violence, Does Not Reduce Flow of Drugs

Since the 1990s, U.S. strategy in the war on drugs has included massive sting operations focused on the top leaders of cartels. The unintended consequences of these takedowns, argues some working in the sector, is that cartels fragment into smaller groups who then war with each other, perpetuating and even

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19 Sep 2018

Sierra Leone ‘cartel’ of government employees ran passport scam for US visas

Sierra Leone’s anti-corruption commission has announced several arrests in connection to a network providing fraudulent diplomatic passports for entry into the United States and elsewhere. In this group was the country’s former ambassador to the UN and several other foreign ministry and immigration department employees. The U.S. had restricted visas

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17 Aug 2018

US, Mexico plan to target drug cartels’ $29bn fortune

U.S. and Mexican law enforcement are increasing collaboration on efforts to target cartel finances, estimated to have around $29 billion in annual revenue. Cartels have been linked to around 150,000 murders since 2006.  Source: US, Mexico plan to target drug cartels’ $29bn fortune | USA News | Al Jazeera

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