06 Jan 2020

Automotive cybersecurity incidents doubled in 2019, up 605% since 2016

The number of automotive cyber incidents has surged by 605% since 2016 and doubled between 2018 and 2019, a new report by Upstream Security shows. The majority of incidents (57%) were the work of cybercriminals, while security researchers accounted for 38%. In 2019, the vast majority (82%) of attacks were

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29 Aug 2019

Hackers Could Steal a Tesla Model S by Cloning Its Key Fob—Again

Just like they did about a year ago, security researchers at a Belgian university have demonstrated that they could steal Tesla Model S vehicles by cloning the key fob. In order to fix the previously discovered flaw, which allowed for remote attacks, Tesla replaced all old key fobs with an

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26 Aug 2019

Hacker Claims He Can ‘Turn Off 25,000 Cars’ At The Push Of A Button

Security researchers with Pen Test Partners were in a position to lock down 25,000 vehicles after they found a critical vulnerability in the SmarTrack immobilizer designed to let car owners remotely shut down their car to prevent criminals from starting the engine. The vulnerability, which has been patched, was relatively

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12 Aug 2019

A Remote-Start App Exposed Thousands of Cars to Hackers

Earlier this year, a security researcher going by the moniker Jmaxxz found three critical vulnerabilities in the MyCar software that lets users remotely connect to their car’s dashboard and perform actions like starting the engine and (un)locking the vehicle. The critical flaws could have enabled hackers to gain access to

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06 Aug 2019

Connected Cars Could be a Threat to National Security, Group Claims

In a new report, the US nonprofit Consumer Watchdog (CW) warns that Internet-connected vehicles are a threat to national security due to the risk of coordinated hacking attacks that could target many vehicles at the same time. Currently, connected cars make up 20% of all vehicles on American roads and

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11 Mar 2019

Smart Car Alarms Ironically Expose Millions of Vehicles to Remote Hijacking

Security researchers with Pen Test Partners have uncovered critical vulnerabilities in popular car alarm systems developed by Pandora and Viper. Not only can the flaws enable threat actors to obtain sensitive data about the owner and location of vehicles running the alarm system software, but they may also allow attackers

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