30 Sep 2019

Cyber-Attacks Hit Defense Contractors in Europe and North America

Rheinmetall AG and Defence Construction Canada (DCC), both major defense contractors, were each at the receiving end of disruptive cyberattacks this month. Rheinmetall AG has been hit with what the firm referred to as “malware attacks” since September 24. As a result, the “normal production processes ” at company’s plants

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30 Jul 2019

Capital One Data Breach Affects 106 Million People, Suspect Arrested

Capital One, the 10th largest bank in the United States, has suffered a massive data breach impacting 100 million people in the US and another 6 million in Canada. The exposed data includes sensitive financial information such as transaction data, credit scores, payment history and balances. In addition, the social

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17 Jun 2019

Canadian City Loses $500,000 to Phishing Attack

Last month, cybercriminals managed to scam the City of Burlington in Canada out of CAD $503,000 (around USD $375,000). The city officially referred to the incident as “a complex phishing email,” but the phishing method used is more commonly known as a business email compromise (BEC) scam. The threat actors

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29 Apr 2019

Naming and shaming nations that launch cyberattacks does work, say intel chiefs

At a recent cybersecurity conference in Scotland, Intelligence experts from the Five Eyes intelligence alliance that includes the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, said that naming and shaming the nation states behind destructive cyberattacks is an important strategy for creating international norms and forging coalitions of opposition

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09 Apr 2019

Leap in Cyber Attacks Against Elections in OECD Countries: Canada

A new report by the Canadian Security Establishment (CSE), the agency in charge of protecting the country’s telecoms networks, states that the number of elections targeted by cyberattacks has “more than tripled” between 2015 and 2018 among member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In 2018,

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05 Mar 2019

China Has Accused Two Detained Canadians of Stealing State Secrets

China aims to charge two Canadian citizens with theft of state secrets. The Canadians were detained on December 10 of last year, in what analysts considered to be a direct response to the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei, in Vancouver earlier that month. The

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28 Dec 2018

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Enters Into Force without USA on December 30

With Australia’s ratification of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade agreement, the agreement between 11 countries will go into effect at the end of December. Current signatories include Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, and Canada, while Brunei, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, and Malaysia were a part of the

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26 Dec 2018

China’s advances in Arctic may pose security threat to Canada

The arctic is becoming increasingly militarized as countries, including China, jostle for positions and to protect trading lanes and claims of different sorts. And while Canada has downplayed threats from China, it has complained about Chinese disregard for international rules and voiced concerns that China will repeat escalatory tactics in

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31 Oct 2018

With Russia in its crosshairs, Canada moves to buy sub hunters

While the U.S. launches naval exercises with carriers above the arctic circle for the first time since the Cold War, Canada is reflecting growing threats in their decision to purchase submarine hunting frigates. According to a Lockheed Martin Canada VP, this purchase is part of a larger industry movement toward

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01 Oct 2018

NAFTA deal now USMCA: US and Canada agree to replace trade pact

The leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States are touting the successes of the two recently-secured trade deals that will replace NAFTA and be known as the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement). The U.S. and Canada only just reached a deal late on Sunday, which will reportedly increase U.S. dairy

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