19 Jun 2020

China charges 2 Canadians with spying in Huawei-linked case

Today, two Canadians detained in China were charged with spying in a bid to step up pressure on Canada to drop the US’s extradition request for prominent Huawei employee who is currently serving house arrest in Vancouver. One of the Canadians, Michael Kovrig, was charged by china on suspicion of

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20 Apr 2020

16 killed in shooting rampage, deadliest in Canadian history

In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, a gunman disguised as a police officer killed 16 people on a rampage that is now the deadliest attack of its kind in the country’s history. On Sunday, officials stated that the suspected shooter was dead after he shot people in their homes

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19 Mar 2020

US, Canada are closing shared border to nonessential travel

On Wednesday, Canada and the US agreed to temporarily shut down the border between the two countries to all nonessential travel in order to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The flow of trade will remain intact, but citizens of either country cannot cross the border for family visits

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28 Feb 2020

Desjardins Group Breach Cost $38m Higher Than Expected

Last year, the Quebec based financial institution Desjardins Group suffered from a data breach carried out intentionally by a malicious employee who had access to banking details. As a result of this individual’s actions, the data of 4.2 million Desjardins customers was exposed and 1.8 million credit cardholders who were

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25 Feb 2020

Canada Privacy Watchdog Probes Facial Recognition Startup

Last Friday, Canada’s privacy watchdog agency announced that it was conducting an investigation into US-based company Clearview for its use of AI and machine learning to match images of unknown faces to photos mined from millions of websites and social media networks. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner stated that

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17 Feb 2020

Report shows personal info on 144K Canadians breached by federal entities

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that several Candian government departments and agencies have compromised the personal and sensitive information of 144,000 individuals across almost 8,000 breaches that occurred over a two-year span. The breaches, which spread across 10 entities and were observed over the past two years, exposed the

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20 Dec 2019

Trudeau Presses U.S. to Secure Release of Canadians Detained in China

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, stated Thursday that the US should not continue with trade deal proceedings involving China until the cases of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou and two Canadian citizens detained in China have been resolved. Trudeau’s plea is a result of escalating tensions between Beijing and Ottawa after

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19 Dec 2019

Canadian Lab Test Provider Pays Ransom to Secure Hacked Data

Canadian lab test provider LifeLabs made headlines last week after announcing that 15 million customers’ data was leaked in a massive ransomware attack that occurred in late October. The information exposed included health card numbers, emails, names, logins, dates of birth, and passwords and effected customers located primarily in Ontario

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06 Nov 2019

Ransomware attack delays government services in Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut, Canada’s northernmost territory, suffered a ransomware attack on Saturday, which impacted most of the local government’s network and Internet-based services. The government believes it will eventually be able to recover all systems from backup, and is currently prioritizing the restoration of systems used for health, education, justice, finance and

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30 Sep 2019

Cyber-Attacks Hit Defense Contractors in Europe and North America

Rheinmetall AG and Defence Construction Canada (DCC), both major defense contractors, were each at the receiving end of disruptive cyberattacks this month. Rheinmetall AG has been hit with what the firm referred to as “malware attacks” since September 24. As a result, the “normal production processes ” at company’s plants

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