19 Oct 2022

Spyder Loader Malware Deployed Against Hong Kong Organizations

Security researchers at Symantec released an advisory claiming that the Spyder Loader malware has been observed targeting government organizations in Hong Kong. The security researchers believe that the attacks are likely part of a larger campaign called Operation CuckooBees, which was first discussed publicly in March 2021. Cybereason has also

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04 Oct 2022

Lazarus Group Exploits Dell Driver Vulnerability to Bypass Windows Security

North Korean threat actor Lazarus Group has been observed by security researchers deploying a Windows rootkit. The rootkit has been deployed by exploiting a Dell firmware driver, the researchers say. ESET was the first to detect this addition to the group’s constantly evolving techniques. According to ESET the campaign was

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29 Sep 2022

IRS Warns of “Industrial Scale” Smishing Surge

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released an advisory warning US taxpayers of what it has identified as an “exponential” increase in text-based phishing attempts. The tax agency recommended that users report such phishing campaigns in order to help the government to identify and disrupt them before more individuals are

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14 Sep 2022

Hackers Steal Steam Credentials With ‘Browser-in-the-Browser’ Technique

Cybersecurity researchers at Group-IB have warned that hackers are targeting the video game platform Steam to target users with a new phishing technique named broswer-in-browser (BitB). Group-IB released new data earlier this week describing the attack, which uses a fake browser window in the same tab rather than traditional techniques

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11 Aug 2022

Suspected $3m Romance Scammer Extradited to Japan

Interpol has reportedly launched a new awareness campaign in which they warn the public of the dangers of romance scams after arresting 15 individuals suspected of being involved in a major romance scam conspiracy. Interpol will launch a two-week global campaign in which is plans to highlight the role of

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04 Aug 2022

US Indicts Russian Accused of Promoting California’s Secession

US authorities have indicted a Russian national who is accused of running a campaign to cause discord and interfere in elections. The campaign took place in California and was orchestrated by at lest three Russian officials. The campaign ran from December 2014 to March 2022, according to authorities. The individual

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21 Jul 2022

Magecart Supply Chain Attacks Hit Hundreds of Restaurants

Security researchers have identified two seperate Magecart campaigns that target online ordering platforms. The campaigns are designed by the attackers for financial gain and the Magecart e-skimming software possesses the ability to exfiltrate card details. So far, the campaign has affected at least 311 US restaurants by injecting the software

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29 Jun 2022

Chinese Influence Op Tries to Undermine Western Rare Earth Firms

Security firm Mandiant claims to have discovered a new Chinese influence operation that is allegedly targeting Western rare earth producers. The campaign, named Dragonbridge, has been operating since 2019 and leverages thousands of inauthentic accounts spread across numerous social media platforms to achieve its goals of promoting Chinese interests abroad.

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07 Jun 2022

State-Backed Hacker Believed to Be Behind Follina Attacks on EU and US

An unidentified state actor is reportedly perpetrating a phishing campaign that targets European and local US government entities by leveraging the Follina Office vulnerability. Security researchers at Proofpoint spotted the hacking attempts and addressed the issue via Twitter last Friday from its Threat Insight account. In the series of tweets,

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11 Apr 2022

Macron targets Le Pen as run-off campaign begins

Emmanuel Macron is seeking re-election in France’s upcoming Presidential elections and has recently taken on Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential run-off. Marine Le Pen is one of France’s far-right candidates in this election cycle. Macron made his first visit to a Le Pen stronghold located at Denain, one of

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