08 Apr 2020

NASA under ‘significantly increasing’ hacking, phishing attacks

NASA reported that they have been observing increasing malicious activity originating from both cybercriminals and nation-state hackers targeting their personnel and systems while their employees telecommute during the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency stated that they had successfully blocked a wave of malicious cyberattacks with pre-existing mitigation tools and measures. However,

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10 Mar 2020

Intricate Phishing Scam Uses Support Chatbot to ‘Assist’ Victims

A recent phishing scam is targeting consumers by utilizing a malicious customer service chatbot function that steals victims’ information by prompting them to fill out various forms including credit card numbers and bank account information. The campaign was discovered by MalwareHunterTeam and is targeting Russian citizens. The threat actors are

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19 Feb 2020

Iranian Hackers Backdoored VPNs Via One-Day Bugs

Security researchers have reported that unpatched bugs in VPN and RDPs allowed Iran to conduct a cyber-espionage campaign that infiltrated global organizations. Although the campaign was already attributed to APT33, a state-sponsored hacking group, security firm Clearsky has publicized further details. The new report claims that the three-year-long campaign named

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07 Feb 2020

Iranian Hackers Target Journalists in New Phishing Campaign

A threat group in Iran known as “Charming Kitten” has launched a new campaign that aims to steal email account credentials. The campaign is a phishing attack discovered by Certfa Labs that targets journalists and human rights activists. The group is also widely known as APT35 and is notorious for

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06 Feb 2020

IoT Malware Campaign Infects Global Manufacturing Sites

Researchers at TrapX Labs uncovered a malware campaign built to exploit flaws in connected devices has emerged, and it has been targeting manufacturers around the world. The campaign affects products ranging from small technology like smart printers to heavy operational equipment. TrapX Labs initially found the attack targeting Latin American

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23 Jan 2020

Thousands of WordPress Sites Hacked to Fuel Scam Campaign

Over 2,000 WordPress sites have been hacked according to website security firm Sucuri. Sucuri analysts detected attackers exploiting vulnerabilities in plugins used by many WordPress customers to add additional features to their operations. The analysts detected the vulnerabilities in the third week of January. The hacks were purported to fuel

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