03 Aug 2020

Boko Haram grenade attack kills 15 in north Cameroon

According to an army official, a grenade launched by militant group Boko Haram landed in a camp for internally displaced people, killing 15 and wounding 5. The attack occurred on Sunday morning in the far north region of Cameroon, near the border of Nigeria. According to army sources, the militants

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08 Feb 2019

U.S. Reduces Military Aid to Cameroon Over Human Rights Abuses

In response to mounting accusations of human rights abuses by Cameroon, the US Department of Defense (DoD) is decreasing its military aid to the Central African country, a strategically important ally in the battle against terrorism in the region. The US had been providing assistance to help Cameroon fight secessionist and

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15 Jan 2019

2019 and the Evolving Role of OSINT

SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) are entering a new position within the public sphere in 2019.

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07 Jan 2019

Cameroon’s English-Speaking Areas Becoming Deserted

Cameroon’s English-speaking area that separatists had declared the independent Republic of Ambozonia has become heavily depopulated following two years of violence and fighting. Well over 1,000 people have been killed in the fighting, with unknown thousands, relocating internally to Francophone areas. The government has blamed separatist fighters for the ongoing

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22 Oct 2018

The role of women in West Africa’s violent extremist groups

A recent publication from the Institute for Security Studies has examined the role that women have played in West Africa’s violent extremist groups. Ranging from their abduction and use as a tool to entice men to join extremist ranks to willing participators in activities from operations and suicide attacks, their

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05 Oct 2018

Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis: Red Dragons and Tigers – the rebels fighting for independence

Cameroon has been in the news regularly over the past 12 months, mostly due to its ongoing problems with separatist violence, new militias, and political issues in the run-up to elections on Sunday. Few, however, are familiar with the context or actors. In short, there has been a surge in

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