21 Jan 2020

Android Users Beware: These Top Camera Apps May Secretly Be Spying On You

The latest warning issued to consumers downloading apps that require camera access off of the Play Store has come from the research team at CyberNews. The reports expose the camera apps that boast billions of downloads, yet could be stealing user information. The team stated that the apps may spy

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29 Dec 2019

Wyze Database Leak Exposes 2.4 Million Smart Device Users

A small security mishap within the Wyze database has lead to the exposure of 40 million individual records, according to IPVM. Wyze offers relatively inexpensive security cameras and smart home devices. The misconfigured database held the information of over 2.4 million customers, and the database was left vulnerable for over

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12 Aug 2019

Even DSLR cameras are vulnerable to ransomware

Check Point researchers have discovered that the unauthenticated Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) puts some digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras and certain mirrorless cameras at risk of ransomware attacks. An attacker within range of a vulnerable camera’s WiFi could use the PTP to infect the device with ransomware that encrypts all

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