16 Nov 2022

California launches website to combat cryptocurrency scams and highlight risks

The California Attorney General’s office announced the launch of a new website Tuesday which will provide information about risks and scams associated with the purchase of cryptocurrencies. The website includes tips about purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as well as frequently asked questions regarding the sale and trading

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29 Aug 2022

Block Faces Class Action Suit After 2021 Breach

Block, a payment giant, is being sued for negligence by former customers due to a data breach that occurred in 2021. During the breach, Block’s subsidiary Cash App was targeted by a former employee who stole the personal information of roughly eight million customers. The lawyers for two of these

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29 Aug 2022

Cosmetics Giant Sephora to Pay $1m+ Privacy Settlement

Sephora, one of the world’s biggest cosmetic retailers, has agreed to pay a $1.2 million in penalties after allegedly violating the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). California law enforcement claims that the company failed to disclose to customers that it was selling personal information. In addition, the vendor did not

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04 Aug 2022

US Indicts Russian Accused of Promoting California’s Secession

US authorities have indicted a Russian national who is accused of running a campaign to cause discord and interfere in elections. The campaign took place in California and was orchestrated by at lest three Russian officials. The campaign ran from December 2014 to March 2022, according to authorities. The individual

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05 May 2022

California governor issues executive order on crypto as state embraces blockchain technology

Tech investors and businesses in California have been betting on crypto for well over a decade. Now, the governor of the U.S. state with the largest economy is joining the party. California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order Wednesday on cryptocurrencies, laying out a road map for regulatory and consumer

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05 Apr 2022

Activist Admits Shutting Down California County’s Website

Activist Christopher Doyon has admitted to his role in a cyberattack that shut down a California County’s website over a decade ago. After initially pleading not guilty to being involved in the cyberattack, Doyon changed his plea to guilty on Tuesday when he appeared before the district judge. According to

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11 Feb 2022

Californian College Attacked with Ransomware

The Ohlone Community College District in California has been struck by a ransomware attack, disrupting faculty and students’ access to certain files. School officials stated that the private information of some staff, faculty, and students was compromised during the attack. Information compromised in the attack includes Social Security numbers, driver’s

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11 Jan 2022

Cyber-Thieves Raid Grass Valley

Cyberattackers have hit the city of Grass Valley in California, exfiltrating personal and financial data belonging to vendors, city employees, and their spouses. The City of Grass Valley released a data security notice acknowledging that an unknown actor was able to access some of the city’s internal systems for a

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02 Nov 2021

California Health Network Reports Data Breach

Nonprofit Community Medical Centers (CMC), located in California, reported a data breach earlier this week. The organization allegedly detected unusual network activity, however, the full extent of the breach has been assessed further. The medical centers, which are headquartered in Stockton, primarily serve low-income patients, migrants, and homeless people in

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28 Sep 2021

California Hospital Sued Over Data Breach

Following a cyberattack that occurred between December 2, 2020, and April 8, 2021, an academic healthcare system in California is facing legal action. The cyberattack caused a data breach that potentially exposed sensitive information pertaining to half a million patients, employees, and students. The healthcare organization, UC San Diego Health,

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