27 Jun 2022

Opaque Platforms and Intertwined Protocols Pose Big Risk to Crypto

We’re still firmly in Hard Times. Sure, my article last week about price and macro risk was published just before an eight-hour flurry when bitcoin gained 6.35%, but both hazards remain salient. This article is the second in a three-part series about the risks facing cryptocurrency markets right now. Next

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07 Jun 2022

Using Tech to Build Supply Chain Resilience in a Changing World

Proper supply chain management is critical to smooth business operation, agility and profitability. Beyond coordination, resilience is a key quality required for supply chain management. Covid-19 related supply chain disruptions have affected most industries. Vast numbers of companies across the globe experienced troubles during Covid-19, impacting shipment timing, costs, efficiency

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31 May 2022

Cyber Defense Confidence Ebbs as Ransomware Attacks Multiply

Despite Washington’s recent attempts to expand cybersecurity rules and disrupt hacking gangs, ransomware continues to proliferate and executives report unease about their companies’ ability to ward off the threat. The number of ransomware attacks against U.S. businesses has continued to increase this year, cybersecurity experts say, while some lawmakers warn the

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30 May 2022

Procurement, early warning systems, and the next disruption

For procurement leaders at industrial companies, the past 18 months have been difficult. Resurgent economic activity has collided with supply disruptions that have seemingly come one after another. Procurement executives know they need to respond but are unsure how. Most of them have not had a chance to anticipate the

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23 May 2022

CIOs Stress Supply Chains, Efficiency as Recession Risks Rise

Amid threats of recession, chief information officers say they are prioritizing technology that drives efficiency, mitigates ongoing supply-chain struggles and contributes quickly to the bottom line. Tech leaders at Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., Carhartt Inc. and other companies say they are monitoring a number of factors, including the financial markets, inflation

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18 May 2022

What the War in Ukraine Means

Amid the largely kinetic activity involving the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, numerous shifts in the cyber landscape are occurring. Leading up to the military invasion, Putin made overtures of cyber recourse to his global opponents. Over the last week, the cyber tables turned against him. In addition to Ukraine’s

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17 May 2022

Russia’s War on Ukraine Will Leave Scars on U.S., World Economies

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has dealt a blow to the global economy—weakening the postpandemic recovery and aggravating already-high inflation. Even if the worst fears of rising geopolitical tensions and larger economic disruptions do not materialize, private forecasters anticipate an inflationary slump for the world economy. In this context, the U.S. economy

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16 May 2022

The Ukraine-Russia War’s Impact On The Supply Chain: Why MRO Optimization Is A Top Priority

If the Pandemic crippled the global supply chain, the war in Ukraine knocked it to its knees. The greatest supply chain challenge today is a prolonged Ukraine-Russia war. Beyond uncertainty, it creates barriers in the market, disrupting the movement of commodities like auto parts, oil, and grain. Moreover, this profound

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12 May 2022

Weak links in finance and supply chains are easily weaponized

When Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, nobody expected that the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and other nations would isolate Russia from the global economy in retaliation. Instead of limited and largely symbolic sanctions, which were all Russia faced when it annexed Crimea and

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10 May 2022

NIST updates guidance for cybersecurity supply chain risk management

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has updated its guidance document for helping organizations identify, assess and respond to cybersecurity risks throughout the supply chain. “[Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management Practices for Systems and Organizations (C-SCRM)] encourages organizations to consider the vulnerabilities not only of a finished product they

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