31 May 2022

Study Warns That Shadow Code on External JavaScript Libraries Pose a Serious Supply Chain Risk

Israeli cybersecurity firm Source Defense analyzed the supply chain risk posed by shadow code on third- and fourth-party scripts on major businesses’ websites. Third-party scripts and open source JavaScript libraries assist development teams in adding advanced functionality to web applications without writing or maintaining code. They allow developers to improve user interaction,

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24 May 2022

The Great Reassessment: The Supply Chain Edition

The logistics landscape is changing. Like the employment market in the pandemic, the need to unexpectedly adjust creates the opportunity to re-think. Sometimes the change is tactical – a reversible reaction – and things return to normal. Other times it leads to be a more structural change. Anticipating the forward shape

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04 May 2020

Ransomware mentioned in 1,000+ SEC filings over the past year

According to the US Securities Exchange Commission, an increasing number of companies are identifying ransomware as a forward-looking risk factor in documents filed with the agency. The agency states that in the past year, more than 1,000 documents mentioning ransomware as a risk factor have been filed. Over 700 have

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